Who Is Jeremy Allen White’s Wife? Get to know more About Addison Timlin

The relationship between Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin is over.

In May 2023, the actress—who had married White in 2019—filed for divorce.

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Timlin is an actor, just like White, who is most known for his roles as bad boy academic Phillip “Lip” Gallagher in Showtime’s Shameless and a hot chef in FX’s smash The Bear. She has acted in films like Little Sister and That Awkward Moment as well as television episodes like Californication. Even in the play Afterschool from 2008, the two co-starred.

In October of that year, Timlin and White were married after being engaged in April. Since then, they have welcomed two daughters into the world: Ezer was born in 2018 and Dolores was born in 2020.

White acknowledged his wife upon winning the prize in January 2023.

She has been acting since the early-aughts

Timlin has credits dating back to 2000 and has performed on stage, in films, and on television. She made her stage debut in the national tour of Annie, where she first performed a number of orphan parts before assuming the role of Annie at the age of nine.

She portrayed Emily Draper in the 2008 television series Cashmere Mafia and Sasha Bingham in the popular 2011 television programme Californication. Timlin co-starred with Stanley Tucci in the 2018 drama Submission and also had an appearance in Little Sister.

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Timlin stated, “I prefer working, period,” in a February 2013 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, adding, “I don’t have a strong preference for performing on television over movies. I believe that I enjoy making films more simply because you can

She and White both starred in the 2008 drama Afterschool

The two teenage actors, both 17 years old, co-starred in the 2008 movie Afterschool.

Timlin revealed her love life to Harper’s Bazaar in 2013 and said, “I have a darling who I will not name, but, yeah, he would be the person. Our long-standing friendship has given us a solid base, and things then abruptly turned romantic.

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She didn’t mention White by name in the interview, but a few years later, in an Instagram post, she made a suggestion that the sweetheart she was referring to was in fact White. She said in the caption of a picture of the couple and their kid in 2020,

I’m extremely appreciative of being 28. 15 years after we became best friends, I got married to the man of my dreams.

She has two daughters with White

Timlin and White had children before getting married. Timlin shared an Instagram selfie of herself and White holding her growing baby bump on June 29, 2018, to reveal that she and White were expecting their first child. “We had a baby, and my heart is overflowing,” she wrote as the description for the photo. My birthday is today, but my wish has already been fulfilled. The best is yet to come at age 27.

The couple welcomed Ezer Billie White, a girl, on October 20, 2018.

White, Ezer Billie Welcome to the world, baby lady, it just got so much brighter on October 20, 2018,” Two images were captioned by Timlin: one showed White holding his daughter on his bare chest while the other showed a new mother and

Timlin uploaded pictures of her and her girls to Instagram on Mother’s Day 2023. She confessed in the message that being a single mother is “so f—ing hard” and “not how I pictured it.”

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She acknowledged that being a single mum may be “lonely” and “exhausting,” particularly “when something magical happens and you have to remind yourself ‘don’t forget this’ because there’s no witness by your side.”

Ezer reappeared on Timlin’s Instagram feed in July 2023 when the mother of two shared a touching image of herself reading to the young girl to mark her 32nd birthday. She captioned the photo, “32 phew.”

She married White in 2019

By April 2019, the Little Sister actress and The Bear actor became engaged, and on October 18, 2019, they were married in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills courthouse. Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, two of their friends, were present.

Timlin posted pictures of the newlyweds on Instagram, smiling and cuddling while donning matching black denim jackets embroidered with white hearts, “Til Death,” and “Buddy + Billie.”

On the inside of a heart-shaped tattoo on White’s arm are the two of their pet names for one another.

She’s close friends with Dakota Johnson

Johnson was not only a witness to Timlin and White’s private courthouse wedding ceremony, but she also serves as the godmother to both of Timlin and White’s girls.

Happy birthday to my bright and shiny and to Ezer and Dolly’s godmother, Timlin wrote on Johnson’s birthday in 2021 in a beautiful Instagram tribute beside a black-and-white image of the two of them cuddling in the park. The most godmotherly of all of them is how you appear here. We are so grateful that you were born and that you are raising my children with me; it’s the best.

Timlin posted a carousel of images on Instagram in 2022 to once more commemorate Johnson’s birthday. The two pals may be seen seated close to one another in a picture.

She is open to her kids becoming actors

Timlin talked about raising kids in an acting family on the podcast Popternative while promoting her 2019 movie When I’m A Moth, in which she portrayed a young fictionalised Hillary Clinton.

Timlin said, “They’re around it,” in response to the question of whether she anticipated her kids becoming actors. Their parents carry it out. The majority of our pals engage in it. Although it’s difficult to conceive that they wouldn’t be affected by it in some way, I firmly believe that performers are born.

She said in jest, “I feel like it’s that you’re born with a certain instinct to punish yourself or something, so I dunno if it’s something I really focus on imagining for them, but you just hope that it doesn’t happen to them.”

She supported White during their marriage

Throughout their relationship, Timlin and White promoted one other’s professional endeavours through charming social media postings and outward demonstrations of support.

Timlin accompanied White to the Los Angeles premiere of The Bear in June 2022, where they posed for pictures together on the red carpet.

A few days later, Timlin posted a photo on Instagram with the message, “Today is the day The Bear comes out of the brilliant minds and open hearts and onto your tv screen,” showing White cleaning the Chicago sandwich shop floor in the film The Bear. The opportunity to see Jeremy at work is always a joy, and the finished product always leaves me breathless. Congratulations to the entire team, but especially to Jeremy for seeing his goals come true.

I love you, her husband wrote in response to her post. I appreciate you keeping me steady when things go shaky. And thanks for being attentive always.

A week later, White again paid it forward with a heartfelt message for Timlin’s birthday.

The actor captioned a picture of Timlin holding their daughter poolside on June 29, 2022, “Superstar! My top pick. Today is your birthday. I appreciate you being a perpetual gift. We appreciate you looking after so many of us. I’m fortunate that I can’t recall much of my life before you because you’ve been such a big part of it for so long. You have my complete heart. Birthday greetings.

She is seemingly unphased by White’s TV heartthrob status

Fans immediately became enamoured with White’s performance as Lip in Shameless. They are currently completely enamoured with his character, Carmy, in The Bear on Hulu.

White was questioned by PEOPLE how Timlin felt about being a TV heartthrob.

He laughed and replied, “I don’t know. “I believe that not paying too much attention is a skill that we both possess. I don’t use Twitter. Although I have Instagram, I primarily utilise it for work. I keep a healthy distance from everything. My wife shares this opinion. I consider that to be a good thing.

She filed for divorce from White in May 2023

Timlin filed for divorce from White in May 2023, according to court records obtained by PEOPLE. For nearly four years, the couple was wed.

White and Timlin were seen holding hands at their daughter’s football match in Los Angeles in July 2023.

The insider told PEOPLE that “they are still apart but getting along.” They spend time together and adore their kids. She was angry when she announced her divorce. Things have somewhat calmed down.

The informant claimed that Timlin finds life “difficult” because of the actor from The Bear’s filming schedule.

She feels emotionally spent when Jeremy is at work, the insider claimed. “There is still a lot of love there between them, though.”

White kissed Ashley Moore while out for coffee with the model the next month.