Who Is Kirk Cousins’ Wife? Get to know more About Julie Hampton

Julie Hampton and Kirk Cousins have been wed since 2014. – According to The Washington Post, the quarterback, who has competed in the NFL since 2012, met her that same year through a common family member. They got engaged the next year after he proposed on a balcony at the Capitol building 18 months later.

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Cooper, the older son, and Turner, the younger boy, were born to the couple in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Abe is a cherished dog that they also own.

Cousins is well-known in football, and during the course of his career, he received four Pro Bowl nominations. On Instagram, Hampton frequently expresses her support, but away from the pitch, the couple cherishes time with their sons.

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The Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation, which Cousins and Hampton administer, is also quite active. In 2022, they jointly purchased a golf property. Numerous canines have also been fostered by the animal enthusiasts.

So who is the wife of Kirk Cousins? Here is all detail on Julie Hampton.

She is from Georgia

The Washington Post claims that Hampton and Cousins originally connected in 2012 through a common family friend.

In November 2013, about a year and a half later, Cousins announced on Twitter that he had proposed to Hampton. She said yes. He was able to pop the question on the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office in the Capitol building because to his connection with Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga.

Cousins admitted to being “extremely nervous” to the source. “I was holding her hand on the way down in the car, and as we drew near the Capitol building, she asked, ‘Why are your hands cold and sweaty?'” I lied and replied, “I don’t know,” but I was aware that it was because I was so anxious. He kept the request for a

She married Cousins in 2014

Hampton and Cousins were married on June 28, 2014, in Atlanta, just a few short months after being engaged.

Cousins reportedly sports his wedding band while playing: “My wife was happy. She adored it, and truthfully, after I started donning it and saw how happy my wife was that I did, I understood that, you know, I think it’s a fantastic thing to encourage marriage,” he told the site.

She has two sons with Cousins

Hampton revealed on Instagram in March 2017 that she was expecting her first child with Cousins. The birth of their son Cooper was announced on Twitter by Cousins’ team at the time, the Washington Commanders, in September of that year.

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The NFL player posted a picture of their infant Cooper clutching a sign that read, “mom & dad are getting me a brother” on Twitter to announce that their family will be growing the following year.

Turner’s birth was revealed by relatives on Instagram in March 2019. The caption was “Welcome to the world, little buddy,” according to Cousins. Cooper is already enjoying his new responsibilities as a big brother. Mom and baby are doing wonderful.

Cousins and Hampton discussed their sons’ passion in football with PEOPLE in July 2023.

“I don’t think they quite understand it yet, but each year they take another step towards really playing a part of it, which has been fun for me,” the father of two said.

She’s a dog lover

Abe is a Labradoodle that Hampton and Cousins first adopted when he was 5 months old. The Minnesota Vikings website states that after first adopting a rescue dog named Bentley, they had to find a new home for him because of hostility towards their kid Cooper.

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“I entered through the entrance door… and he immediately growled at me because he had no idea who I was. When the couple first adopted Abe, Cousins remarked that he was already being protective. We now get along well. If I haven’t petted him recently or if he wants some affection, he lets me know.

The two have fostered numerous additional dogs throughout the years. “We had tested out breeds of all sizes, and we had

She runs a charity with Cousins

Hampton co-runs the Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation with her husband. The nonprofit collaborates with a variety of different groups, including International Justice Mission, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Bethany Christian Services.

On the website of the organisation, Cousins stated, “Julie and I are passionate about generosity and using what we have been given to impact the world around us.” We are appreciative of the opportunity to play in the NFL, but we also feel a duty to take good care of and be generous with what has been given to us.

She and Cousins own a golf course

In Saugatuck, Michigan, Hampton and Cousins acquired a golf course in 2022. The husband and wife team began their statement by saying, “Our family recently purchased the Clearbrook Golf Course from our friends and longtime owners, Jim and Candy Jeltema.”

The statement continued, “We want to invest in this wonderful community, and we see this purchase as an opportunity to do just that, maintaining the life of a golf course that has existed since 1926.”

She appeared in a commercial with Cousins

Although Hampton isn’t as well-known as her husband, she did appear with him in a commercial. Cooper, their older kid, and Abe, their dog, were also shown.

Hampton can be seen using the Sleep Number technology in the commercial for the bed maker Sleep Number, which is narrated by Cousins.