Education result 2022/2023 Matokeo ya VETA result 2022/2023 Matokeo ya VETA result 2022/2023 Matokeo ya VETA -The VETA 2022/2023 Results are as follows and will be made public on Monday, December 4, 2022.

The Program for Training in Vocational Fields

The Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) is a government organisation that operates independently and was established as a result of the passage of Act No. 1 of 1994, Chapter 82, which was later amended in 2006. The primary objective of establishing VETA was to monitor the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system that is in place in Tanzania. It is in charge of promoting, coordinating, offering, regulating, and supporting vocational education and training throughout the nation. Other responsibilities include those listed above.

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The vision of VETA is to see to it that “Tanzania has an adequate number of skilled artisans.”

“To ensure quality vocational skills by offering, regulating, coordinating, promoting, and financing vocational education and training for national socioeconomic development.” This is the mission of the National Center for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET).

Core Values

i. Demand driven services;

ii. Service Excellence;

iii. Openness; and

Cooperate with one another.

The provision of vocational education and training is VETA’s primary responsibility. This is accomplished through the corporation’s ownership of 33 vocational training institutions and institutes. In addition, it has a college in Morogoro known as the Vocational Teachers Training College. This college prepares teachers to work in vocational schools and is located there.

ii. Establishing and Maintaining Coordination of Vocational Education and Training VETA is responsible for the coordination of more than 700 VET institutions across the country that are owned by different VET providers. These educational establishments provide instruction in the form of extensive programmes, condensed programmes, and individualised programmes. In addition, the VETA conducts Labor Market Surveys to learn what skills are in demand by companies.

Additionally, the Authority establishes and maintains strong connections and collaborations with many external suppliers of training on both the national and zonal levels.

iv. Administration of programmes for professional education and development VETA is responsible for the administration of vocational education and training across the nation. This is accomplished by registering VET institutions, granting them accreditation, establishing standards and curricula, conducting audits of VET institutions to ensure that they are adhering to the rules, evaluating VET institutions, and certifying VET institutions.

iv. Managing and financing the vocational education and training fund. The VET Fund for Vocational Education and Training is financially supported and administered by VETA. The primary source of revenue for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Fund is the Skills Development Levy, which is contributed by businesses (SDL). Employers who have four or more employees are required to contribute 6% of their employees’ salaries to the SDL.

Aside from government development programmes and donations from development partners, other sources of funding for vocational education and training include money from activities that bring in money and training fees, as well as money from internal sources such as the VET programme itself.

v. Increasing the number of individuals participating in vocational education and training
The mission of the VETA is to advance education and training in a variety of vocations across the nation. VETA is of the opinion that in order for the general public to be able to assist VET, they must first have sufficient knowledge of the objectives and actions of VET. Getting the word out to various groups, including the government, parents, companies, employees, and donors, is one way that vocational education and training (VET) is promoted. Other groups that need to be approached include trainees who are currently enrolled and those who will enrol in the future, teachers, persons who have completed VET, legislators, trade unions, non-governmental organisations, and the media.

VETA communicates information regarding vocational education and training to various stakeholders through a range of channels, including the media, trade fairs and exhibitions, public presentations, trade fairs, and advertising. A website, newsletters, annual reports, brochures, VET catalogues, and other forms of materials are all examples of different kinds of promotional materials.

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