Jinsi ya kupata mtoto wa jinsia ya kiume, ni rahisi sana.

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Jinsi ya kupata mtoto wa jinsia ya kiume, ni rahisi sana | How to Have a Boy

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Are you wanting to expand your family and have your heart set on having a little boy? While it may seem taboo to admit you have a preference for the sex of your unborn child, it’s OK to admit your dreams. We won’t share your secret with anyone!

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Menstrual cycle graphic, detailed follicular development illustration, menstruation and ovulation days. Isolated on a white background.

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According to this study, men may inherit a tendency to have more boys or girls from their parents, which may mean that some men produce more Y or X chromosome sperm. Thus, if a man has more brothers, he may also have more sons.

2. Mwanaume ongeza idadi ya mbegu zako

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3. Hakikisha mwanamke anafika kileleni kwanza

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