“Men Are Crazy” – Simi and Tiwa Savage’s New Anthem Is Here

“Men Are Crazy” – Simi and Tiwa Savage’s New Anthem Is Here

“Men Are Crazy” – Simi and Tiwa Savage’s New Anthem Is Here -Nigerian powerhouses Simi and Tiwa Savage have finally joined forces for a long-awaited collaboration, and it’s both catchy and thought-provoking. Their new track “Men Are Crazy” is a wry, honest look at the madness of love and the contradictions within romantic relationships.

An Infectious Hook and Deeply Relatable Lyrics

The song’s central hook, “Men are crazy, But I still want one in my bed o” is a playful and immediately infectious declaration, acknowledging the frustrations women often face with men while simultaneously hinting at the allure of male companionship.

The verses from both Simi and Tiwa dive deeper. Simi playfully warns a potential suitor not to introduce himself, then teases with hints of desire and infatuation. Tiwa, in turn, highlights the ways men can drain and disappoint, concluding, “Love no go shingbain” (love won’t amount to anything). However, she hints at the lingering appeal of a flawed love – a sentiment many can relate to.

Honest Commentary on the Ups and Downs of Love

“Men Are Crazy” stands out because it doesn’t try to provide simple answers about men or relationships. There’s both criticism and attraction, a recognition of both the pain and pleasure that often come bundled together in love affairs. Simi and Tiwa capture that complex duality beautifully.

While the song might not be the most lyrically profound, it’s incredibly relatable and serves as a reminder: love is messy, men can be frustrating, and yet…we still want them around sometimes. The humor and exasperation are refreshing and empowering.

Should You Listen?

If you’re a fan of either Simi or Tiwa Savage, this collaboration is a no-brainer. It’s also a great pick if you enjoy Afrobeat-infused pop with clever, conversation-starting lyrics. The song is an energetic reminder that even when men drive us crazy (and they often do), sometimes we just can’t stay away.

Where to Find the Song

“Men Are Crazy” is available on all major streaming platforms. Support these talented Nigerian women by listening, sharing, and adding the song to your playlists! Check out below;

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