Meet the Ugandan TikTok Sensation: Rango, the ‘Tenge Tenge Kid’

TikTok has a knack for finding breakout stars, and one of the latest to capture the internet’s heart is a young Ugandan creator named Rango. You might know him better as the “Tenge Tenge Kid“, and his catchy dance moves and hilarious skits have earned him millions of fans worldwide. Even the popular streamer iShowSpeed has taken notice! Let’s dive into Rango’s meteoric rise.

Rango’s Journey to Viral Fame

Rango’s social media adventure began in May 2023 with Instagram, then expanded to TikTok shortly after. His initial content focused on funny skits and dance videos, often incorporating close-ups that emphasized his expressive eyes. Rango’s infectious personality shone through, and his videos steadily gained traction.

@rootofhopeafrica Tenge Tenge😂😂 #rootofhopeafrica #goldenangelsinternational #tenge #trending ♬ original sound – CheezaAfrikanaDancekids

The real turning point came in November 2023. Rango released a video where he dances, backs into a bush, and sings a repetitive song featuring the word “Tenge.” This video exploded, crossing over 100 million views in a matter of months and transforming him into a global TikTok phenomenon.

From Viral Video to Meme Icon

Rango hasn’t slowed down since his breakthrough. He continues to create “Tenge Tenge” dance videos, even releasing a remixed official version of his song “Tengelele.” His content has become a meme goldmine, inspiring countless edits and remixes across TikTok.


♬ original sound – RANGO TENGE TENGE 🇺🇬

Rango’s popularity soared to the point where he was invited onto iShowSpeed’s YouTube stream in January 2024. Their interaction was a delightful exchange of energy, with Speed expressing his admiration and even a desire to visit Rango in Uganda. The positive vibes surrounding Rango continue to spread as his fanbase expands in 2024.

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