A call for Swaziland Citizenship

A call for Swaziland Citizenship

A call for Swaziland Citizenship -Learn about the contentious offer from the government of Swaziland to citizens of Southern Africa to petition for citizenship in order to address the shortage of men. Examine the unusual course of action taken by the King of Swaziland, who wed at least five women. Examine the effects and reactions that surround this novel suggestion.

Swaziland’s Citizenship Call
⚠️Swaziland government invites Southern African nationals to apply for citizenship to address male scarcity.

⚜️King of Swaziland encourages marrying at least five wives as a solution to the scarcity of men.

Implications and Reactions
😮Discussion on the legitimacy of the news and potential implications for other countries in the region.

😂Expressing surprise and humor at the idea of men applying for citizenship in Swaziland due to scarcity.

❓Questioning the population demographics and the feasibility of such a situation.

Gender Dynamics Comparison
📊Comparing gender proportions in Switzerland in 2021 and 2024, noting minimal differences in percentages.

🤔Speculation on the impact of gender proportions on citizenship applications, particularly from South African men.

⚖️Concerns about potential reactions from Swiss women and men regarding the gender dynamics in the country.

Exploring African Countries
🌍Planning a trip to explore various African countries including Rwanda and Swaziland.
🗣️Requesting audience feedback on gender population data and legitimacy of news.
❓Questioning the restrictions on Malawi’s citizenship application and seeking clarity on the issue.

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