The Shade Room Reacts to Diamond Platnumz’s “Mapozi”

The Shade Room Reacts to Diamond Platnumz’s “Mapozi”

The Shade Room Reacts to Diamond Platnumz -Bongo Flava superstar Diamond Platnumz has set social media ablaze with the music video for his latest song “Mapozi,” featuring Ljay Melody and Mr Blue.

The video includes a scene depicting Diamond receiving care from his woman like a baby. This scene has sparked conversation online, even catching the attention of popular US media outlet The Shade Room.

TSRWeGlobal posted a clip of the video with the caption: “#PressPlay#TSRWeGlobal—Ladies #DiamondPlatnumz is trying to figure out what do men have to do to get this kind of treatment 😩 Y’all have any suggestions? ✍🏾: #TSRStaffJW.”

The scene has garnered various reactions online, with differing perspectives. Some find it humorous and entertaining, while others view it as portraying men negatively.

Diverse Opinions:

  • “Diamond knows how to keep his fans happy! This video is fire!” – Diamond fan
  • “This is disrespectful to men! Diamond should have more respect for men.” – Gender activist
  • “It’s just a video, don’t take it too seriously. Diamond’s trying to entertain people.” – Casual observer

Diamond Platnumz’s Influence:

Diamond Platnumz is a highly influential artist in East Africa. He boasts over 40 million followers on Instagram, and his videos garner millions of views.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that this video has gained significant traction online. It showcases Diamond’s ability to captivate audiences and influence their views on various topics.


The “Mapozi” music video has ignited a heated debate online. People hold contrasting opinions regarding the scene where Diamond receives child-like care.

Regardless, there’s no denying Diamond Platnumz’s immense influence and his ability to move people with his work.

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