Ibraah – Dharau Ft Harmonize & Rick Ross: Bongo Fleva Goes Global

Ibraah – Dharau Ft Harmonize & Rick Ross -The Tanzanian music scene, known as Bongo Fleva, is making major waves, and Ibraah is at the forefront of this exciting movement. His new remix of “Dharau,” featuring the legendary Konde Gang leader Harmonize and American rap icon Rick Ross, is setting the internet ablaze.

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One Call, Game Changed

Ibraah, signed to Harmonize’s Konde Gang Music Worldwide label, has always been a rising star. But one call propelled him to another level. The call that confirmed Rick Ross’s participation in the “Dharau” remix is a game-changer not just for Ibraah, but for Bongo Fleva as a whole. This collaboration showcases the global reach and potential of Tanzanian music.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Released just a day ago, the “Dharau” remix has already amassed a staggering 441,685 views and rocketed to the number 3 spot in Tanzania’s music trending charts. This kind of immediate success is a testament to the power of this unique collaboration. It blends Bongo Fleva’s infectious rhythms with Harmonize’s smooth vocals and Rick Ross’s unmistakable rap prowess.

“Proud of you my brother”

Harmonize, a driving force behind this project, has rightfully expressed his pride in Ibraah. This remix is a testament to Konde Gang’s commitment to nurturing talent and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for Tanzanian artists.

What’s Next?

The “Dharau” remix isnt just a hit song; it’s a statement. It signals that Bongo Fleva is ready to take its place on the world stage. With artists like Ibraah leading the charge and collaborations like this, the future of Tanzanian music has never looked brighter.

Where to find the remix:

  • Search for “Dharau remix Ibraah on YouTube and other popular music platforms.

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