Ginimbi Net Worth: Life and Legacy of a Zimbabwean Tycoon

Ginimbi Net Worth: Life and Legacy of a Zimbabwean Tycoon -Known by his stage name Ginimbi, Genius Kadungure (October 10, 1984 – November 8, 2020) was a businessman and socialite from Zimbabwe who had a significant impact on the African entertainment industry. His life was a fascinating mix of intrigue, enterprise, and wealth. Let’s explore Ginimbi’s Net Worth, early years, career, personal life, and death in this post.

Ginimbi Net Worth

Real Name:Genius Kadungure
Net Worth:$10 million
Birthplace:Domboshava, Zimbabwe
Weight:70 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Date of Birth:October 10, 1984
Height:1.76 m
Profession:Businessman, Socialite
Source of Wealth:Business
Father:Anderson Kadungure
Brother:Andrew (Deceased)
Sister:Juliet Kadungure (Deceased), Nelia Kadungure

Early Years

On October 10, 1984, Ginimbi was born into a family of four in Domboshava, Zimbabwe.
He started experimenting in small-scale commercial enterprises at the age of 17, and then he moved into the gas industry.
Ginimbi started his journey by supplying gas for residential use. Because of his business sense, he was able to secure his first contract through a friend who was employed with Angolan Airways.

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Pioneer Gases is a gas company that Ginimbi founded and operates in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. Gas is supplied by the company to the public, commercial, retail and industrial sectors.
By purchasing Quick Gases in Botswana, of which he is the sole investor, he expanded his company.
Among Ginimbi’s business interests were City Centre Freight and Rivonia Gases, both of which are a part of the PIKO Trading Group.

His extravagant homes, collection of exotic cars, and opulent clothing all belied his ostentatious lifestyle.
Allegations were made against Ginimbi for misrepresenting sales and owing money to other businessmen. His extravagant style often provoked admiration as well as condemnation.

Personal Life

His union with Zodwa Mkandla resulted in divorce in 2017. He is the father of a boy by Miyedzo Miye, a businesswoman from Gutu. Ginimbi buried his brother Andrew in January 2019 after he passed away at the age of 28 from an unspecified illness. January 28, 2020 was also the day of his mother’s passing. He lost his sister Juliet in a vehicle accident on October 10, 2023, his posthumous birthday.


On Sunday morning, November 8, 2020, he was killed in an accident on Borrowdale Road in Harare.

The collision occurred right before a turn on the way to Domboshava in the Hatcliff region.
It appears that Ginimbi was speeding at the time of the collision.

He was ejected from the car after the impact, and it later caught fire.

Two other passengers were “burnt beyond recognition,” according to witnesses.

Wrap Up

Genius Kadungure was a legendary figure in Africa, well-known for his wealth, extravagance, and scandals. His opulent lifestyle and business drive never cease to enthral and inspire.

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