EP: Vijana Barubaru – Passionate Pages

EP: Vijana Barubaru – Passionate Pages

The well-known Kenyan duet “Vijana Barubaru,” which consists of Mshairi Spikes and Tuku Kantu, is well-known throughout the world of Afro-Pop music. They recently published an extended playlist album called “Passionate Pages.”

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Vijana Barubaru‘s “Passionate Pages” EP, which includes songs like “If Wishes Were Horses,” “Liwe Liwalo,” and “Butterflies,” demonstrates the pair’s distinctive fusion of poetry and music with a strong foundation in the Afro-Pop genre.

This collection, which combines contemporary production with traditional Bongo Flava components to create a lively and contagious sound that appeals to fans of East African music, is a pivotal point in their musical career. The EP’s tracks, which celebrate a range of themes from love and empowerment to aspirations and resilience, each showcase the duo’s developing musical approach.

Listen to “Vijana Barubaru – Passionate Pages” Below;

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