Diamond Platnumz and Sholo Mwamba The Rock Join Forces for ‘Another Boy From Tandale’

Diamond Platnumz and Sholo Mwamba The Rock Join Forces for ‘Another Boy From Tandale’ -Bongo Flava superstar Diamond Platnumz has confirmed his participation in the upcoming album by Singeli artist Sholo The Rock. The album, titled “Another Boy From Tandale,” draws inspiration from Diamond’s own third album, “A BOY FROM TANDALE,” which was released in 2018.

Sholo expressed his respect for Diamond, citing him as a major inspiration for the new album. He posted on social media: “My upcoming album will be called ‘ANOTHER BOY FROM TANDALE,’ paying homage to the king @diamondplatnumz and his album ‘A BOY FROM TANDALE’ which greatly inspired me.”

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Diamond, in turn, was touched by the gesture and has promised to fully participate in Sholo’s album. He wrote: “MWAMBA THE ROCK!… my homeboy brother, Love always! InshaAllah, I have to be on that album, my son!…. ANOTHER BOY FROM TANDALE”.

This collaboration between Diamond and Sholo is an exciting development for fans of Tanzanian music. Diamond is a major artist with a huge following, and his involvement in Sholo’s album will significantly elevate the profile of Singeli music.

Key points to note about this collaboration:

  • Diamond Platnumz is a prominent Bongo Flava artist with a vast fanbase throughout East Africa and beyond.
  • Sholo The Rock is a rising star in the Singeli music scene, a genre gaining popularity in Tanzania.
  • This collaboration between the two artists has the potential to push Singeli music into the mainstream.
  • Tanzanian music fans are eagerly anticipating the songs from Diamond and Sholo on the “ANOTHER BOY FROM TANDALE” album.


The partnership between Diamond Platnumz and Sholo The Rock is thrilling news for Tanzanian music enthusiasts. This collaboration promises to boost the recognition of Singeli music. We eagerly await the release of “ANOTHER BOY FROM TANDALE” and the exciting tracks from Diamond and Sholo.

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