Madee’s Song ‘Nakojoa Pazuri’ Banned for Sexually Suggestive Content

Rapper Madee‘s new song, “Nakojoa Pazuri,” has been prohibited by the Tanzanian Arts Council (BASATA) for breaking both the 2018 and 2023 rules for preserving moral values in artistic creations.

The song was discovered to have sexually suggestive material that is deemed unfit for public consumption after it was published on December 13, 2023. Madee boasts about his sexual prowess and capacity to satiate ladies in the song.

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According to BASATA, Madee’s intention to break the rules and regulations was evident. Therefore, the council gave Madee an injunction to stop playing the song anywhere and to take it off from social media and other digital channels.

BASATA also requested that the song not be aired on television or radio from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA). For the infraction, Madee was fined TZS 3 million, or around $1,500. Until he pays the punishment, he is prohibited from participating in any creative endeavours.

Mr. T Touchez, the song’s producer, also received a TZS 1 million punishment, as did the individual who posted the music on digital and social media sites.

A discussion over the function of state censorship in the arts has been ignited in Tanzania by the outlawing of Madee’s song “Nakojoa Pazuri.” While some contend that BASATA is being overly stringent, others think it is appropriate for the organisation to outlaw music with sexually explicit material.

In defence of its choice, BASATA said that it was required to shield the public from offensive material. The council declared that it will keep an eye on creative creations to make sure they abide by the rules and specifications.