How to ruin Christmas: South African Tv Series 2020-2022

How to Ruin Christmas is a South African comedy television series created by Burnt Onion Productions for Netflix. It follows the story of Tumi Sello, a young woman who manages to ruin her sister’s wedding plans during the Christmas holiday season.

The series premiered on December 16, 2020, and has since released three seasons. Each season follows Tumi as she attempts to redeem herself and make amends with her family.

Here are some of the ways Tumi manages to ruin Christmas:

Season 1:

  • Revealing a family secret: Tumi accidentally lets slip a secret about her sister’s relationship, causing a major rift in the family.
  • Losing the wedding rings: Tumi is entrusted with the wedding rings, but she manages to lose them, leading to a frantic search.
  • Causing a food disaster: Tumi tries to help with the Christmas feast, but she ends up ruining the food with her clumsiness.

How to ruin Christmas: South African Tv Series 2020-2022

Season 2:

  • Organizing a disastrous baby shower: Tumi is tasked with organizing a baby shower for her pregnant sister, but she ends up turning it into a chaotic mess.
  • Getting caught in a lie: Tumi tells a lie to cover up her mistakes, but it eventually backfires on her.
  • Accidentally revealing her feelings for her sister’s fiancé: Tumi develops feelings for her sister’s fiancé, and she accidentally reveals them in public.

Season 3:

  • Dealing with the death of a family member: Tumi’s family is thrown into turmoil when a close relative dies unexpectedly just before Christmas.
  • Struggling to cope with grief: Tumi grapples with her own grief while trying to support her family.
  • Making a series of bad decisions: Tumi’s attempts to help her family only end up making things worse.

Despite the chaos she creates, Tumi is ultimately a well-meaning character who wants to do the right thing. The series is full of humor and heart, and it offers a unique perspective on the holiday season.

Here are some of the reasons why you should watch How to Ruin Christmas:

  • It’s a hilarious comedy: The series is full of laugh-out-loud moments, and it’s sure to put you in a good mood.
  • It’s heartwarming: Despite the chaos, the series ultimately has a heartwarming message about family and forgiveness.
  • It’s diverse: The series features a diverse cast of characters, and it celebrates South African culture.
  • It’s binge-worthy: Each season is only three episodes long, so you can easily watch it in one sitting.

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to spend your holidays, then How to Ruin Christmas is definitely worth checking out.

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