What happened to Mariam Hadid, the Muslim influencer on TikTok?

What happened to Mariam Hadid, the Muslim influencer on TikTok? .Once a leading TikTok celebrity, Maria Hadid rose to fame by posting content about Islam. But the majority of people, primarily Muslims, found her message insulting, and her disrespect for their culture, teachings, and values caused a stir.

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Some content creators employ unconventional means, like distributing obscene material, in their never-ending quest for recognition. Mariam Hadid, a well-known Muslim TikToker, represented this philosophy to some extent. She faced harsh criticism from her admirers for putting her celebrity over other people’s sensibilities.

Mariam Hadid’s TikTok videos

Mariam Hadid gained notoriety on TikTok by posting content about Islam. But because the Mariam Hadid Quran films went against the book’s precepts, the majority of Muslims perceived them as disparaging. She uploaded brief videos of herself praying while decked up in skimpy attire and elaborate costumes, such as the spider Gwen that drew attention to her curvaceous figure.

However, Mariam also made fun of the majority of Islamic Sharia regulations, particularly the ones that don’t uphold equality and justice for men and women.

The controversial Mariam Hadid TikTok video

When Mariam Hadid uploaded a video claiming to be the first Muslim woman prophet, she was met with a lot of backlash. Mariam asserted in the video that she was sent by Allah and that she could pray for her followers. She went on to say that she hoped to have four spouses in the future since she was a prophet.

This post was disrespectful to the majority of her fans. She freely stated that she was criticising Islamic law, which allows men to have four wives and practise polygamy, when questioned about it.

What happened to Mariam Hadid’s TikTok account?

Many users denounced Mariam Hadid’s conduct on TikTok, Instagram, and X, among other sites, because of the contentious nature of her controversial posts that disparaged Islam. All of her social media accounts were deleted as a result of this.

What is Mariam Hadid’s real name?

Despite being well-known by her true name, Mariam Hadid rose to fame mostly as Mariam Hadid on TikTok. Her online adventure, however, took a controversial turn when her TikTok account was banned for posting obscene material that disparaged Islam.

Mariam Hadid’s OnlyFans account

In addition to TikTok, Mariam Hadid and his boyfriend had a deleted OnlyFans account. She said that after seeing it on TV, they signed up for the platform in order to have fun and earn money.

Despite this, she developed her OnlyFans videos while wearing a hijab. When questioned about this, she stated that guys are always driven to the idea of taboo relationships and that she has worn a headscarf since she was twelve.

Furthermore, she stated that donning a hijab is an affirmation that Islamic women are free to engage in sexual relations with whoever they choose and should not be subjected to persecution, just like their male counterparts.


Mariam Hadid rose to fame by sharing content about Islam. Most of her fans, nevertheless, thought her content objectionable. All of her social media accounts—including those on TikTok, Instagram, and X—were deleted as a result of their reports.