Maja Janeska Death: What caused the death of the celebrity makeup artist?

Maja Janeska Death: What caused the death of the celebrity makeup artist?

Maja Janeska Death -After Maja Janeska was discovered with a headshot wound, the news of her death has been officially released by various media outlets. As a result of this, the investigation has received significant attention, and the police have been actively participating in the process.

Janeska was a business magnate and a celebrity makeup artist who had wowed many people with her ability to transform her clients’ appearances. As a result of her talent and service, a large number of celebrities became affiliated with her in order to improve their appearance.

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She was also very active in posting videos related to fashion and beauty content on Youtube, which helped push her notoriety among people, and the general public began to notice her gradually. She maintained her celebrity status by moving in a leisurely manner.

However, the news of her passing has caused chaos among people because it has left them feeling profoundly sad and curious about who could have committed such a heinous crime. Where exactly is she at this very moment?

Maja Janeska Death: What caused the death of the celebrity makeup artist?

Maja Janeska Death
Maja Janeska Death

The news of Maja Janeska’s passing has just just appeared in the media. She was discovered dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo, who is in charge of the Police Authority, mentioned that they had opened a case of an inquest for investigation. Maja Janeska Death

An investigation has been strongly demanded by the general public as a result of the widespread belief that she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head with a gun. The suspects and the evidence are currently in the custody of the detectives.

The woman was discovered lying on the ground in Bassonia Estate with a gunshot wound. The police had received a call about a woman who may have attempted to kill herself in the neighbourhood. A good number of her close friends and acquaintances have asserted that she did not have suicidal thoughts. Maja Janeska Death

The paramedics reported that the woman had already passed away. As a direct consequence of this, the police found her inside the bedroom when they arrived at the location that had been given to them. She was armed and had a gun in her possession. Maja Janeska Death

Maja Janeska Death: What caused the death of the celebrity makeup artist?

Maja Janeska Death: What caused the death of the celebrity makeup artist?

Meet Maja Janeska Boyfriend, Kyle Phillips

Maja Janeska, who passed unexpectedly recently, was engaged to her partner, Kyle Phillips. They had been together for a long time. He is a well-known cigarette magnate and serves as the co-director of Adriano Mazzotti’s Carnilinx tobacco Company.

According to News24, they learned this information from reliable sources and discovered that Phillips was the one who found her dead. As a result of the aftermath, he is in utter disbelief and is lamenting the passing of his cherished sweetheart.

In addition to this, Phillips’s ex-wife Tracy stated that she was heartbroken by the tragedy that followed the death of Janeska and asserted that she would support the ongoing investigation. Janeska’s death was the result of an accident.

In spite of the fact that essential information about her boyfriend is unknown, there have been claims that he assisted EFF Leader Julius Malema in paying his R1 million tax bill to Sars in 2015.

Maja Janeska’s Net Worth When She Passed Away

Although Maja Janeska did not significantly discuss her wealth before to her passing, it is reasonable to conclude that she was worth multiple millions of dollars due to the nature of her work.

Her work and services were highly valued by affluent customers, both because she was a successful businesswoman and a celebrity artist. It’s possible that she made some of her money through her YouTube channel as well, given that she frequently posted updates there regarding things relevant to the beauty industry.

Aside from that, her principal sources of income were from her various business activities as well as her makeup sales. As a result of the fact that she was a well-known person, she had a large number of customers all over the world.