William Ruto Must Offer Deal to Raila Odinga to Secure 2nd Term, Herman Manyora Claims

William Ruto – Herman Manyora, a political analyst in Nairobi, explains why President William Ruto and Raila Odinga require a cease-fire.

Manyora claimed on his podcast that Ruto had realised that Azimio la Umoja, the leader of the One Kenya Coalition Party, needed to be treated carefully, just like his forebears had. My career was aided by Otile Brown, but I soon had to hire solicitors to get off of his label. Keep an eye on

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Former president Uhuru Kenyatta, in the opinion of Manyora, was not weak to engage in the metaphorical handshake with Raila.

“William Ruto has come to the same conclusion Moi came to many years ago that Raila was a man you needed to handle with care. That Kibaki was not a fool to deal with Raila Odinga in the manner he dealt with that Uhuru Kenyatta was not a weak link to go into the handshake with Raila Odinga,” Manyora said.

How William Ruto can govern efficiently

The political expert went on to say that President Ruto has observed that calm and peace are necessary for him to effectively lead the nation. He claims that an agreement with his bitter opponent would enable him to accomplish the aforementioned.

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He disparaged the cross-party negotiations between Azimio la Umoja and Kenya Kwanza, calling them a publicity gimmick given that they had already reached an agreement.

Manyora asserted that both parties of the conflict will suffer losses as a result of the agreement. There will be unfair treatment of people.

William Ruto offers to meet Raila Odinga for talks

Ruto stated his openness to meet with the longtime opposition leader for face-to-face discussions in a tweet that was sent on Tuesday, July 25 at around 8:00 p.m.

The president said that the meeting will take place when he returned from his official visit to Tanzania.

Ruto did not divulge the contents and the terms with which he would engage Raila.