Who is Weird Al’s wife..? Get to know more about Suzanne Yankovic wife

Who is Weird Al’s wife Alfred Matthew Yankovic, better known as “Weird Al” Yankovic, is an American singer, songwriter, parodist, and comedian. He is most recognised for his amusing parodies of popular songs. Al has been married for nearly two decades, yet nothing is known about his personal life. Find out more about Weird Al Yankovic’s wife, Suzanne Yankovic.

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Is Al Yankovic a married man? Yes. His wife is Suzanne Yankovic. She is best friends with Jamie Lee Curtis, the star of Halloween. She is also quite active in her community, and she recently informed Santa Monica municipal officials of a severely collapsing section of cliffs near the Pacific Coast Highway. The eroding cliff could have been dangerous, so the city removed it right once, averting a potential calamity

Suzanne Yankovic’s biography

Weird Suzanne Krajewski, Al’s wife, was born in Lynwood, California, USA. In 2001, she married the American musician. The pair divides their time between Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, and Maui. How old is Suzanne Yankovic? She will be 61 years old in 2023. On July 2, 1962, the film marketing executive was born. Her astrological sign is Cancer.

What does Suzanne Yankovic do?

Suzanne works for 20th Century Fox as a film and television marketing executive. She rose to prominence, though, as the wife of Weird Al Yankovic. She also supports her husband’s professional career. She appears briefly in the singer’s biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, seated next to Al’s character Tony Scotti.

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What is Suzanne Yankovic’s net worth?

She is said to be worth $1 million in 2022. She works as a film marketing executive in Hollywood.

How long has Weird Al been married?

As of 2023, they have been married for more than two decades. Bill Mumy, who portrayed Will Robinson on Lost In Space, introduced the two. Suzanne admitted that she was originally hesitant to meet Al due to his popular character. She decided not to judge him based on his public character and to give it a try. They had several phone dates before meeting in person, and Al developed a big crush on her before meeting. When they were on their first date, he joked that if she was cute, he might marry her.

They married on February 10, 2001, after a long romance. Al was 41 years old and said he didn’t regret marrying at that age. The American comedian adored his single life but even more so his married life.

Who are Weird Al’s children?

Nina Yankovic is the singer’s daughter with his wife. She was born on February 11, 2003, and will be 20 in 2023. She was a lively and inquisitive child who adored animals and the outdoors. She has evolved into an environmental activist who has worked with the environmental advocacy group Environment California.

  1. Who is Weird Al married to? His wife is Suzanne Yankovic.
  2. How long has Weird Al been married? Al and his wife Suzanne tied the knot in 2001, meaning they have been married for over two decades.
  3. Does Weird Al have kids? Yes, the singer and his wife have one daughter.
  4. What does Suzanne Yankovic do? She is a film marketing executive working with 20th Century Fox.
  5. What is Weird Al Yankovic’s real name? His real name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic.
  6. Does Weird Al have a daughter? Yes, he has a daughter, Nina Yankovic, born on 11 February 2003.

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s career got off in the early 1980s with the release of his debut album, “Weird Al” Yankovic. With the help of his family, he has achieved global recognition for his hit parody songs. Suzanne, Weird Al’s wife, has been an important component of his support system, even making a brief appearance in his biopic.

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