Who is Prettyboyfredo? Everything About The Internet Celebrity

Who is Prettyboyfredo? Everything About The Internet Celebrity

Prettyboyfredo remains a driving force in the YouTube community, inspiring and engaging viewers with each new upload. With a dedicated following eagerly awaiting his next move, his journey as a multi-talented content creator and artist is destined to keep unfolding with excitement and success.

Who Is Prettyboyfredo?

A well-known YouTube content producer known for his intriguing vlogs and interesting gaming videos is Prettyboyfredo. He has a sizable fan audience and an excellent subscription count of over 7.35 million because to his exceptional talent. His fan base is also gradually growing.

In addition to YouTube, he has made a name for himself on Twitch, where he interacts with his devoted following while playing live video games. Prettyboyfredo has had a big impact on the internet entertainment industry with his engaging streams and imaginative content.

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Prettyboyfredo’s Profile And Bio

Full NameAlfredo Villa
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1993
Age (as of 2023)29 years old
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthPalm Beach, Florida, United States
Current ResidenceNew York City, USA
Height1.8 m (5 feet 11 inches)
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
ChildDaughter named Ava
EducationRidge Community High School
The University of Central Florida
(Degree in Marketing)
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer, Hip Hop Artist
YouTube Channel@Prettyboyfredo

Prettyboyfredo’s Early Life

Alfredo Villa, also known online as Prettyboyfredo, was born in Palm Beach, Florida, on August 20, 1993. He will be 28 years old in 2022. Despite his internet success, Alfredo had a difficult upbringing. He was not a member of a wealthy family and was born into a difficult situation. His mother battled drug addiction, and his father was an illegal immigrant from Costa Rica.

Tragically, Alfredo’s parents abandoned him and his brothers when he was only three years old, leaving them to navigate an uncertain and challenging journey. They had to grow up apart and sought comfort and care in foster homes. Despite these challenges, Alfredo’s tenacity and perseverance eventually allowed him to succeed as a YouTuber, inspiring others with his work and story.

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Educational Background

Alfredo Villa attended Ridge Community High School after finishing his earlier schooling, and he gladly earned his diploma there in 2011. He enthusiastically participated in sports there, mainly basketball and football games, to display his athletic ability.

During this time, he was given the nickname “Pretty Boy,” which he decided to preserve as a part of his identity since it spoke to him.

Prettyboyfredo’s Personal Life

The well-known YouTuber spent a considerable amount of time dating Jasmine. He even got down on one knee and proposed to her in October 2018. However, their planned nuptials never happened because they ultimately made the decision to part ways in 2019.

The couple welcomed a darling girl named Ava into the world in 2017, during the course of their relationship. Despite their distance, he is still a loving and proud father who routinely posts pictures of his daughter and their excursions on social media.

The YouTube star and his fans continue to find satisfaction in their father-daughter relationship, which provides a window into their endearing friendship.

Lifestyle And Assetts

Prettyboyfredo’s primary sources of income are brand sponsorships and revenue from YouTube channel adverts, both of which greatly increase his wealth. With his substantial wealth, he indulges in a lavish lifestyle, spending millions on ostentatious homes and expensive vehicles.

A video of a property tour that Alfredo Villa featured on his YouTube channel in 2018 thrilled his audience. He, Jasmine, and their daughter Ava made a remarkable purchase of the exquisite Florida home, valued at $400,000.

He didn’t stop there; he eventually spent $750,000 on another opulent home in Orlando. The three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, private courtyard, and gorgeous pool in this roomy home provide extra privacy and comfort.

Taking it up a level, Prettyboyfredo made headlines once more in 2020 when he disclosed that he had paid an astounding $5 million for a beautiful mansion in Florida. With amazing features including a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a theatre, and an indoor basketball court, the home is simply breathtaking.

He cares for his close-knit team in addition to enjoying life’s finer things for himself. For his team called Savage Squad Hoopers, Alfredo Villa gave generously by purchasing another lovely property in an upscale neighbourhood of Hollywood Hills, California, for $5 million. This opulent home is 45,000 square feet and includes 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, a spa, an indoor basketball court, a swimming pool, and a cinema.

Prettyboyfredo also has an incredible collection of automobiles. Among them, he gave his fiancée Jasmine an Audi and a Camaro. He has both his all-time dream automobile, the Jaguar F-Type, and a McLaren for his cherished daughter Ava. He also shows his generosity and affection for his family by occasionally giving his father a new car.

Prettyboyfredo radiates a desire for living life to the fullest, making the most of his success, and sharing his happiness with those he cares about.

Alfredo’s Earnings

Prettyboyfredo has made a large amount of money through his YouTube channel, which features frequent vlogs and risk-taking activities. His most well-liked movies, including “Angry Girlfriend Throws PS4 in Pool Prank” and “Cheating on My Girlfriend Prank,” have received a tremendous amount of views.

His success is not limited to YouTube, as he has a sizable Twitch following and 1.9 million Instagram followers, all of which have contributed to his overall revenue. Collaborations with other YouTubers have been extremely important in boosting his fame.

His YouTube channel has a staggering 7.5 million members and over 1.2 billion total views, with an average of 500,000 views each day across all of his videos. After deducting YouTube’s portion, YouTube video providers typically make between $2 and $12 for every 1000 monetized views in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Additionally, YouTube Red subscribers who pay a monthly subscription to access premium material and watch videos without commercials provide additional revenue for Prettyboyfredo. His Twitch account, which generates income from paid subscriptions, adverts, and viewer donations, also makes a considerable contribution to his income.

According to salary data, Prettyboyfredo’s estimated monthly income is in the neighbourhood of $90,000. This translates to a yearly income of about $1,080,000. His high net worth is a result of the effort and commitment he put into developing his career and connecting with his audience.