Who Is Terry Bradshaw’s Wife? Get to know more About Tammy Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, a former NFL player, and his wife Tammy Bradshaw are still together.

Before marrying Tammy in 2014, the four-time Super Bowl champion had been married three times. They had been together for 13 years.

On an episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, the reality show about his family, Terry commented, “Getting married is a huge thing and it hadn’t been exactly the strength of my life, that’s for sure.” “I mean, when you’ve struggled like I have, you have a lot of uncertainty. And I was afraid of failing once more. Who would not?

The pair remarried in 2021, seven years after their wedding. The two don’t share any children, but their blended family includes Lacey, Rachel, and their daughters from prior relationships.

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Here is all there is to know about Tammy Bradshaw, the time she spent living in Oklahoma with Terry Bradshaw, and their two weddings.

She didn’t know who Terry was at first

Even though Tammy was quite familiar with football and Terry may be one of the most well-known NFL players of all time, she didn’t recognise him when they first started dating.

She told PEOPLE in 2020, “I watched football growing up my whole life. “We always watched football on Sundays. However, I don’t recall ever attending a Steelers game. And I’ve never actually seen him play football in person.

For the first three months, Tammy saw that many items in his home were adorned with his jersey number, 12, but she was unsure of the significance. After three months, she finally asked, “So, what’s up with the number 12?,” to Terry’s amusement. I was clueless.

She dated Terry for over a decade before getting married

Before getting married, Terry and Tammy were together for 13 years. Terry stated why they postponed getting married in an interview with Closer Weekly, in part because they had already been down the aisle once each.

“We dated for 13 years, but we never lived together,” Terry claimed. “When I was growing close to her, I’d leave and hide for six weeks before racing back. [We were both] coming out of awful divorces. There won’t be anyone putting their hands on my heart once more, I declared. She and I battled for 13 years, and to her credit, she never once asked, “Where’s this going? “

She married Terry in 2014

2014 saw the marriage of the Bradshaws, which took place rather quickly. In a segment of The Bradshaw Bunch on E!, Terry admitted that his prior marriages had given him pause about getting married. I had to be married right away, he insisted, or it wouldn’t happen at all. In fact, they planned their wedding so rapidly that they forgot to include their children.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, the Fox NFL Sunday host revealed: “I passed Tammy in the hallway and said, ‘Oh listen, we’re getting married on Tuesday in Hawaii.'” We continued after she nodded, “Okay.” When we arrive, she informs us that we must obtain a licence if we are to proceed. So, we have one. I’d already made a call to my pastor. It was enjoyable.

She and Terry had their own reality series

The Bradshaw Bunch, a reality series on E!, debuted in 2020. The programme featured humorous sequences with their three girls as well as more romantic events, such as when they travelled to Paris, Texas, for their anniversary when their trip to France was postponed. The programme followed their lives on their ranch in Oklahoma. After two seasons, the show was cancelled.

She and Terry competed on Family Feud

Terry and Tammy didn’t just start watching television with The Bradshaw Bunch. In 2019, the couple further participated in Celebrity Family Feud with their three daughters. They participated in the competition on behalf of the 525 Foundation, which promotes education about drug misuse.

She and Terry renewed their vows in 2021

Seven years after their initial wedding, in 2021, Terry and Tammy remarried. They renewed their vows in Hawaii as well, but this time it was featured on The Bradshaw Bunch.

“He was very handsome, and our wedding was beautiful. Tammy noted in the episode, “It’s hard to realise it was seven years ago. What exactly do you mean by ‘was’? Only seven years have passed,” Terry said in jest. “Have I gotten more ugly since then?”

Their daughters and grandchildren were all present this time. One of the reasons Terry wanted to renew their vows was to have all the girls present. The ceremony was officiated by Lacey Hester, Tammy’s daughter, while Zurie, Lacey’s daughter, served as the flower girl. “I believe we can

She’s a mother and grandmother

Lacey and Cody are Tammy’s two children, and Erin and Rachel, Terry’s daughters, are Tammy’s stepdaughters. The family discussed Cody’s 2009 drug overdose death on The Bradshaw Bunch. The family frequently raises money for the 525 Foundation in Cody’s memory, including during their appearance on Family Feud. Tammy shared a picture of her son on his upcoming 30th birthday in 2015.

There are additional grandchildren for Terry and Tammy. Lacey, Tammy’s daughter, is the mother of Zurie and Jeb. Erin, Terry’s daughter, gave birth to a daughter called Jessie in December 2021.

She and Terry share interests

Terry and Tammy have a variety of animals on their ranch where they reside in Oklahoma. Horse shows are just one of the passions the animal lovers have in common.

“We frequently laugh. We share the same interests, Tammy said to PEOPLE in 2020. “We went angling. We handle the cattle and the horses. The majority of what we enjoy doing is the same.

She is active on social media

On social media, Tammy frequently publishes pictures of her family life, including many of her and Terry together. She shared a photo of herself and Terry kissing on their wedding anniversary in 2021 and commented: “Years ago, I wrote down a list of qualities I looked for in a man…The person in position one made me laugh! We have been laughing together as husband and wife for seven wonderful years as of right now! Here’s to another 30 years of marriage to the love of my life.

Tammy shared pictures from her and Terry’s trip to Europe on Instagram in June 2023. She shared a photo of the couple kissing at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, a picture of them at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and a cute video montage of them in various spots throughout their trip.

She was by Terry’s side when he was diagnosed with cancer

In October 2022, Terry disclosed that he had recently received diagnoses for bladder cancer and skin cancer. He also mentioned that he had no cancer.

The former football player has recently spoken up about his choice to first keep his illness a secret because he did not want to draw sympathy. During a guest appearance on Today, he added, “Took me a long time before I told my family.

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Tammy became his pillar of support once he eventually told his wife and children the news.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to her. Seriously. I can’t image without holding her hand when we board an aeroplane, touch down or cuddle.