Who Is Russell Brand’s Wife? Get to know more  About Laura Gallacher

Despite his reputation as a rock star, Russell Brand currently lives a peaceful, quiet life with his wife of six years, Laura Brand (née Gallacher).

Ten years after they initially met, the couple got married in 2017. Before Russell’s well-publicized marriage to pop sensation Katy Perry, the two really engaged in a brief romance. Their love tale was renewed when they rejoined eight years later.

Laura noted on the podcast Made by Mammas, “I hadn’t seen Russell in years.” She added, “We both realised it was going to be serious, since he was so different.

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She continued by saying that they were closer the second time around. We handled it the right way, therefore you need to restore your trust and foundations once more, she added. “Getting to know each other and going on day trips together was very slow.”

Laura and Russell have two kids together. Mabel, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2016. They welcomed Peggy, their second daughter, two years later. Russell announced on the podcast The Diary of a CEO in June 2023 that he and Laura were expecting their third child.

He discussed parenting in more detail in another scene of the programme, saying, “It’s taught me there is a lot more important in this world than me.

She comes from a famous family

Laura hails from a somewhat well-known family, although not being a household name. Her father, Scottish golfer Bernard Gallacher, served as several European teams’ Ryder Cup captain. She was raised in Surrey, England, and resided on the prestigious Wentworth Estate, one of the country’s most prestigious private estates. The late performer Sir Bruce Forsyth actually lived next door to her.

Additionally, she has a famous sibling. Kirsty Gallacher, a well-known British model and television presenter, is her older sister.

She and Brand met in 2007

Laura’s sister, Kirsty, originally introduced Russell and Laura in 2007.

“She was 19 when we first met, and I was 30. She accepts me just as I am, Russell told Stylist. She has absolutely no interest in the famous person.

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Russell wasn’t ready for a commitment at the time of their brief relationship. The comedian said, “We went out with each other, we loved each other very much, but I was [in a phase] where I thought the world was an amusement park made out of orgasms,” when she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show.

Russell famously wed Katy Perry in India in 2010 before divorcing her 14 months later. Later, Perry said that the celebrity, whom she described as having a “beautiful mind, tortured soul,” ended their relationship.

She studied art 

Russell was a TV presenter and Laura was a college student studying art when they first met. She described their original romance to You magazine by saying, “I really fell in love.” I had never before felt love like that.

In the end, the couple broke up, and Laura went on to run restaurants and nightclubs in London. She eventually made the decision to change careers and launch a lifestyle blog.

She said, “I’d hit a wall of fatigue.” I wished to return and discover my artistic side.

She and Brand reconnected by chance

She told Grazia, “I was heartbroken with mascara running down my face that day. My ex had literally moved out of our flat.” “A friend dragged me out for a walk to the canal in east London, where I’d never been in my life, and as we came on to the footpath Russell was standing there, like he’d organised it.”


Russell and Laura started dating once more, and this time, things worked well. Laura noted that they were both different at this time in their life in an interview with You magazine.

“I can still hear him say, ‘I think I want a tranquil life and a family,’ and it was precisely what I wanted. So the next step was to see whether we could lay the groundwork for that, she explained.

She and Brand got married in 2017

Russell and Laura exchanged vows in a small church wedding close to their Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, home in August 2017 then honeymooned in the country.

Only close friends and family, as well as their 9-month-old daughter Mabel, were present during the wedding, and the newlyweds were seen cuddling on a steamboat.

She and Brand have two children and are expecting a third

Daughter Mabel Brand, Russell and Laura’s first child together, was born in November 2016. Peggy, their second child, was born in July 2018.

“A lot of the clichés have been really true,” Russell remarked on fatherhood to Men’s Health in March 2021. It’s both exhilarating and happy. It’s magic, man, when they’re sleeping.

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“I now have no doubt as to what the most crucial things are,” he continued. I would have to consciously decide to care about other things now.

When it comes to their kids, the pair has been quite secretive, but the comedian has been open about how much he loves being a dad. He declared on Today that he loves being a new father. She’s so lovely and so

She’s an author

The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play: Easy Activities & Creative Craft for Kids and Their Grown-ups, which includes 50 simple crafts and activities that both kids and adults may enjoy, is one of numerous best-selling books by Laura, an author and illustrator.

Russell and Laura worked on numerous projects from the book together while the pandemic was going on, and they shared the videos on Laura’s Instagram.

Russell published an Instagram homage to her most recent book, Slow Down and Be Here Now, in March 2022. Because I only talk about myself, you might not be aware that my wife, @thejoyjournal, is a children’s book author, he added in the caption. “However, the book she authored, which teaches kids to enjoy nature and be in the moment, is excellent. God knows if you exist.

They run a charity together

Together, Russell and Laura manage The Stay Free Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that assists those struggling with addiction and mental health difficulties. In addition, the couple founded Community, a three-day camping trip “about personal awakening and social change,” according to Russell’s website.

All proceeds from the event, which includes yoga and meditation as well as musical performances, go to the Stay Free Foundation.

They live a quiet life in England

With Laura and their girls by his side, Russell is now a family man living a calm life in England.

“I’ve never experienced domesticity. In 2017, he told The Guardian that “the majority of my life has been an extension of the grandiose idea of what glamour would look like if it had to have a kitchen,” adding of Laura: “I feel sometimes like a refugee in my house with this woman, this calm, beautiful woman, who in the most beautiful way possible doesn’t care about what I do.

“She’s not interested,” he added, “in the most delightful way.”

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The pair has multiple pets, bees, chickens, and other animals at their rural home. He admitted to Stylist that he now favours a more understated lifestyle. “When I’m with my wife, I have bursts of being really annoying to her on purpose, but mostly I just want to sit still and watch a film, read something, look at the baby, or walk the dog,” he claimed.