Who is Enrica Cenzatti? Get to know more About Andrea Bocelli’s ex-wife

Who is Enrica Cenzatti? Get to know more About Andrea Bocelli’s ex-wife

Many celebrity marriages end in divorce, with some ex-spouses still gaining notoriety while others gradually disappear from the public eye and are forgotten. Andrea Bocelli’s first wife Enrica Cenzatti belongs to the second group of famous ex-wives who have kept a low profile ever since their divorce.

Who is Enrica Cenzatti?

Enrica Cenzatti, an Italian businesswoman, was born on January 1st, 1969 in Pisa, Italy. She rose to fame as the first wife of opera star Andrea Bocelli. After getting married in June 1992 and having two children together, the pair abruptly called it quits after ten years of marriage. Enrica Cenzatti’s family and career are little-known, despite her reputation as Bocelli’s previous wife.

Early Life & Education

On January 1st, 1969, Enrica Cenzatti was born in Pisa, Italy. About her family and early years, little is known. She attended school in the city of Pisa while she was still a teenager.


Enrica Cenzatti is an Italian entrepreneur who rose to prominence mostly as a result of her marriage to Andrea Bocelli, an internationally acclaimed musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and tenor.

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Enrica’s career beyond her early years is unknown, however Andrea started his music career in 1992 and worked with Zucchero and Luciano Pavarotti on the popular song “Miserere” that same year. Andrea has now released 15 solo studio albums, including both classical and popular music, and has sold over 90 million albums worldwide.

Her Age

As of 2023, Enrica Cenzatti, who was born on January 1st, 1969, in Pisa, Italy, will be 54 years old.

Her Husband

Andrea Bocelli, an Italian singer, songwriter, and tenor who was once the love of Enrica Cenzatti’s life, was her first husband. Sadly, their marriage ended in divorce in 2002 after they exchanged vows in 1992.

Marriage and Divorce

At a piano bar when she was 17 years old, Enrica Cenzatti first encountered her ex-husband, Andrea Bocelli, and was immediately drawn to his voice and singing. From there, their love grew, and they subsequently began dating.

After some time, they made the decision to advance their relationship, and in June 1992, they exchanged vows. They had two children during their marriage, which was wonderful. Amos Bocelli, their first son, was born in February 1995, and Matteo Bocelli, their second son, was born in October 1997.

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The pair, however, finally encountered difficulties that were out of their control as things started to go south. Cenzatti and Bocelli consequently sought a divorce in 2002. Despite their divorce, they have been able to co-parent their kids with a united face.

Andrea Bocelli and Enrica Cenzatti’s children

Amos and Matteo Bocelli, two sons of Enrica and Andrea, were born. While Matteo was born in October 1997, Amos was born in February 1995. They both agreed to share parenting duties after the divorce. While Andrea stayed in his property nearby, Enrica and the boys resided in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany.

Today, the boys are all grown up, and Matteo has taken after his father to pursue a career in music.

Enrica Cenzatti Net Worth.

The current estimated net worth of Enrica Cenzatti is $5 million. Enrica has not disclosed any information about her wealth or income, despite the fact that there is a lot of interest in her earnings and total net worth.

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Her ex-husband Andrea Bocelli, on the other hand, has a remarkable net worth of over $100 million that he amassed through his prosperous music career. Andrea is one of the greatest Italian musicians of all time and has sold over 90 million records worldwide.