Who is Kristin Grannis..? Everything About Jamie Foxx’s Ex-girlfriend

From 2005 to 2012, Kristin Grannis and Jaime Foxx were rumoured to be secretly dating. Their relationship became public when it was announced in 2009 that Jaime and Kristin had a second child, Annalise Bishop.

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Despite their divorce, they are known for being friendly and are frequently seen bringing their daughter to events and holidays together.

About Jaime Foxx’s Past Relationships:

Jaime had previous relationships with celebrities such as Connie Kline and Vivica A. Fox.

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Fox, Adriane Kelly, Garcelle Beauvais, and others are among those featured. For nearly five years, he was also in a more steady relationship with Katie Holmes.

Kristin Grannis and Jaime Foxx Have a Child:

Jaime and Kristin have a daughter named Annalise Bishop. She was born on October 3, 2008, and her birth was first hidden from the public due to Jaime’s celebrity.

Annalise is well-known for her abilities in surfing, piano, football, and basketball.

Kristin Grannis Was Rumored to Be Part of the Katie Holmes Story:

The media speculated and made disparaging remarks about Jaime’s co-parenting relationship with Kristin, which allegedly harmed his relationship with Katie Holmes. Jaime and Katie, on the other hand, remained friends long after their breakup.

Net Worth:

Kristin’s net worth? Kristin Grannis has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which she has amassed from her work as a therapist and former model. Jaime Foxx, on the other hand, has a net worth of almost $100 million, owing to his successful acting, singing, and comedy careers.

About Kristin Grannis’s Family:

Kristin is the youngest of three siblings, the other two being Anthony and Jerrold.

Her parents, Richard Foster “Dick” Grannis and Maryann Grannis, were a significant part of her life. Sadly, her father passed away in 2020.

Early Life and Education:

Born on January 4, 1977, in Phoenix, Arizona, Kristin attended Arizona State University and allegedly pursued her Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of Antioch in California.


Kristin, how tall are you? Kristin Grannis stands 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm) tall, has an athletic body, with a pale complexion.

Social Media:

The offered text makes no mention of Kristin Grannis’s social media presence.