Who is Jeff Halperin? Everything About Kari Lake Husband

Former journalist and current politician Kari Lake has been wed to Jeff Halperin for 24 years. They have two kids together. Private person Jeff lives in Arizona with his four children. The public is curious to discover more about Jeff as Kari campaigns for governor as a Republican in the 2023 contest, even garnering backing from former president Trump.

However, there isn’t a lot of information online concerning him. Nevertheless, let’s examine the scant details we do have about him.

Jeff Halperin Profile
Real NameJeff Halperin
ProfessionEntrepreneur & ex-photojournalist
Age58 [not confirmed]
Date of Birth1965
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignNot known
CollegeCreighton University
Famous ForBeing Kari Lake’s husband

Who is Jeff Halperin?

On LinkedIn, Jeff Halperin is identified as the CEO of ZenHD, a Phoenix, Arizona-based firm that produces videos. His wife, Kari Lake, has contributed to part of his current celebrity. Kari was previously married to Tracy Finnegan before she wed Jeff, although their union was short-lived.

Jeff is proficient in Spanish and has experience in photojournalism. After receiving his BA in journalism from NBC News in 1994, he spent almost four years there as their news editor and news photographer.

Jeff tries to keep his personal matters quiet, and he has a modest web profile, despite his wife’s political ambitions. On her social media platforms, Kari periodically posts glimpses of their blissful marriage, including a picture of them ringing in the new year.

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Jeff Halperin Age

Given that Kari posted a picture of Jeff and his kids celebrating his birthday on her Facebook page in 2017, it is assumed that Jeff Halperin was born on September 25. Given that Kari will reach 52 in 2023, this means that Jeff is older than her, putting him in his late 50s.

The picture, which Kari shared on social media to show her love and thanks for her spouse, shows Jeff looking physically fit despite his age. They have been working together for two decades.

Jeff Halperin Net Worth

Despite being the owner of ZenHD/ZenVideo, Jeff Halperin’s net worth is not easily accessible online. This can be a sign of his financial security. Kari Lake, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $3 million.

Halperin Is of Colombian Descent

Jeff Halperin is Latino and of Colombian ancestry, based on Kari Lake’s social media posts. Kari made light of her husband and kids’ American citizenship and Colombian ancestry in a post on Facebook on October 5, 2022, when she also made fun of being the “holdout Gringo.” Kari also praised Arizona’s diversity, describing it as a lovely melting pot and highlighting the importance of uniting as Arizonans.

Halperin & Lake Worked at the Same TV Station in Phoenix

Halperin reportedly worked as a videographer at the NBC affiliate KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Arizona, while Lake reportedly did the same. This is according to reports. Halperin’s LinkedIn profile is either hidden or gone, but an archived copy of his page shows that he was a news photographer for WNYT-TV in Albany, New York, and a photojournalist for NBC.

For her part, Lake worked as a weekend weather anchor at KPNX-TV for four years before relocating to Albany, New York, for a year. She moved back to Phoenix in 1999 and started working as an anchor at Fox 10, where she worked for more than 20 years until leaving to go into politics.

Halperin and Lake remained together and wed in September 1998 despite their repeated movements. In a Facebook post commemorating their 20th wedding anniversary, Lake said, “Celebrating 20 ‘chalk marks’ on the marriage chalkboard down at Maricopa County Superior Court with my stud-muffin-in-residence.”

Lake’s Husband Has Provided Videography for Her Campaign But Only Their Daughter Has Received a Paycheck

Jeff Halperin, Lake’s husband, has maintained a largely low-profile throughout his wife’s campaign for governor of Arizona. He has, however, consistently stood at Lake’s side, frequently with a camera in hand, as he films material for newspaper interviews and political advertisements. In August 2021, Halperin also attended a meeting between Lake and former President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that Halperin’s involvement in the campaign seems unpaid, campaign finance records do indicate that the couple’s daughter, Ruby Halperin, has been paid as a “consultant” for the group “Turning Point USA.” Ruby has gotten at least four cheques from the campaign for $1,500 each for her work as a “Live Coordinator.”