Who Is Jimmy Fallon’s Wife? Get to know more About Film Producer Nancy Juvonen

Although Jimmy Fallon is a well-known late-night TV host, his wife Nancy Juvonen also has a strong production background.

On the set of Saturday Night Live in 2004, when Fallon was a cast member and Juvonen was there to support her longtime friend Drew Barrymore, who was hosting, the two first became acquainted.

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When Juvonen was serving as the producer of the Barrymore and Fallon-starring film Fever Pitch, they came into contact once more. After a brief engagement, the two quickly started dating. In December 2007, Fallon and Juvonen got married on Sir Richard Branson’s private island.

With their two kids Winnie Rose and Frances Cole, as well as their dog Gary, the couple now resides in New York.

Who is the wife of Jimmy Fallon? Here is all the information you need to know about Nancy Juvonen and her connection to the late-night TV show.

She’s best friends with Drew Barrymore

Juvonen may thank her brother for introducing her to a budding star who would alter her course in life.

At a Seattle pub in 1993, Juvonen was introduced to Barrymore by her brother Jim, who was 19 at the time. Her brother was assisting the producer at the time on the Mad Love movie, in which Barrymore starred.

Juvonen discussed how she transitioned from working with Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for The E Street Band, to starting a business with the E.T. actor on an episode of “Ask the Fallons,” a feature on The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

Juvonen claimed her flatmate at the time informed her that someone was “making prank calls” as Barrymore on their answering machine after they first met and “really got along,” daring Juvonen to “move in.”

She and Barrymore co-own a production company

Juvonen and Barrymore established Flower Films together in 1995. Barrymore has appeared in a number of films and TV episodes that the production business has worked on, including Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Dates, and Santa Clarita Diet.

Barrymore discussed starting a business with a buddy in their early 20s and Flower Films’ emphasis on female emancipation in an interview with Marie Claire Australia.

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“I don’t think that me and my partner, Nancy Fallon, went into it thinking, ‘As females we’re going to kill this opportunity.'” We entered as tenacious producers and sacrificed everything to get the studios’ respect and a place at the table, she said.

She’s had a few interesting jobs

Juvonen had a range of careers under her belt prior to creating films. Juvonen stated that prior to starting her partnership with Barrymore, she had “no producer experience” in her debut appearance on The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

She said, “I’ve worked on a dude ranch in Wyoming, I’ve cleaned houses in San Francisco, I’ve been a flight attendant for a while, and I’ve done a lot of other odd jobs.”

She met Fallon on the set of Saturday Night Live

Barrymore introduced Juvonen to her eventual spouse. In 2004, while the star of The Wedding Singer was hosting Saturday Night Live, Juvonen dropped by and greeted the Weekend Update presenter.

Jimmy and [Barrymore] were practising a sketch. I kind of snuck in softly when Jimmy exclaimed, “Hey, Nancy! Are you Nancy? Hello, it’s great to meet you, and welcome! ” During a 2020 April episode of “Ask the Fallons,” Juvonen revealed. And I felt just so accepted and nice, like, ‘Thank you!'” she continued. I appreciate you letting me in.

When Fallon and Barrymore were costarring in the Flower Films-produced rom-com Fever Pitch, the two got back in touch. When they were working, they “got to just be pals and have crushes,” but seeing Fallon

She and Fallon got married on a billionaire’s private island

On December 22, 2007, Fallon and Juvonen exchanged vows on Necker Island, a piece of land close to the British Virgin Islands that belongs to billionaire Richard Branson.

The couple had their hearts set on Necker Island as their “dream” wedding location after the SNL star proposed at Juvonen’s family home in New Hampshire, but they didn’t believe it was feasible.

Juvonen explained how they swiftly planned the wedding in a matter of weeks after Fallon’s travel agent informed them that Branson was a fan of Fallon and would rent the island to the couple for a few days during another “Ask the Fallons” segment.

It lasted around three days. Jimmy asks, “What if we got married in three weeks, since we only have this place for three days?”

She and Fallon have two daughters

Winnie Rose and Frances Cole, their two kids, whom they welcomed via surrogate in 2013 and 2014, respectively, make the pair proud parents.

Fallon and Juvonen had difficulty becoming pregnant before welcoming their daughters. During an episode of “Ask the Fallons,” the couple discussed their infertility troubles. Fallon joked that they had once attempted “shots,” “drinking weird teas,” and “sleeping upside down.”

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Juvonen said, “I believe that anyone out there with a dream should not give up. Because I also realised that, unlike becoming a multibillionaire, you can accidentally find a lottery ticket, win the jackpot with it, but you will never accidentally find a child you can love and have.

She launched a pod school for her daughters

When schools were closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Juvonen took matters into her own hands and established a secure environment where her girls could continue their education.

“My spouse opened a school. So, we obtained teachers, a principal, a teacher’s assistant, and a curriculum from the school district, so yeah, it’s real,” Fallon told PEOPLE. “We said, “Let’s just have a pod school with our neighbours and friends,” so that’s what we did.

For Winnie, Franny, and their classmates—all neighbours and family friends—Juvonen converted their house into a school using used lockers from a high school and recycled supplies from eBay. “My wife gave it her all. We were quite fortunate to succeed,” Fallon remarked. Fallon later flaunted.

She was the “brains” behind her husband’s at-home TV show

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Juvonen not only home-schooled their kids but also stepped in to assist with the production of The Tonight Show.

Fallon and Juvonen collaborated from their home in Suffolk County, New York, to transform the popular late-night talk show into a “At Home” format. The host thanks his wife for making it all possible.

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According to Fallon, “My wife is the brains behind this whole thing,” he told PEOPLE in May 2020. She is the producer, the lighting specialist, the editor, and the director. Without my wife, I could not have accomplished anything. She is all that.