Who Is Pete Alonso’s Wife? Get to know more A bout Haley Alonso

New York Mets star Pete Alonso met his wife, Haley Alonso, in 2015

In 2015, when Pete Alonso, a New York Mets outfielder, first met Haley Alonso, he knew she was “the one.”

In 2015, they got together while he was participating in the Cape Cod League’s summer baseball season. Pete was enrolled at the University of Florida, while Haley (née Walsh) attended Michigan State University, so the two continued to date long distance after they graduated.

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In 2020, the MLB player admitted to ESPN, “I just couldn’t get enough of her.” “This was it for me,” you said.

Pete and Haley got married in Tampa, Florida, three years after being engaged in November 2018. Haley captioned a black-and-white picture of the newlyweds kissing, “For all the days of my life,” with the phrase.

Pete made his MLB debut in 2019 and was named the National League Rookie of the Year that same year. His wife Haley has supported him all along the way. On Valentine’s Day in 2020, he posted on Instagram, saying, “You have been such an incredibly supportive, loving, and motivating force in my life every day since we met.” I’m so grateful that God brought you into my life. You never fail to brighten my day and continually make me feel appreciated. I wish I could adequately articulate how I feel, but I don’t believe the vocabulary has the words to do so. My heart will always belong to you.

Who is the wife of Pete Alonso? Here is all there is to know about the wife, Haley Alonso.

She is a graduate of Michigan State University

According to her WayUp profile, Haley, a native of Boston, attended Michigan State University to study political science and journalism. She joined Alpha Phi and received her diploma in 2016.

Haley posted on Instagram to celebrate her graduation, saying, “Thankful for my two favourite MSU Alums aka my amazing grandparents who had me memorise the fight song at age 2 and taught me that no two colours go together quite like green and white.” “Today, my long-held dream of receiving my degree from Michigan State University came true, and I’m so grateful they were by my side!”

She and Pete were in a long-distance relationship during college

In 2015, Pete—a University of Florida alumnus—met Haley while playing summer baseball in the Cape Cod League. The two stayed in touch over the phone as frequently as they could until they both graduated from their separate institutions.

Pete said to ESPN that his college housemates actively tried to ruin their connection with him by cruelly tormenting him. It got so bad that they were really picking on me about it. I became quite upset after that, Pete told the media source.

But they persisted, and in November 2018 they became engaged.

Haley stated on Instagram following their engagement, “I can’t believe i get to marry this sweet soul who goes above and beyond every single day to make me feel beautiful and so loved.”

She married Pete in November 2021

The couple began their wedding weekend in Tampa’s Ybor City, which Haley referred to as “the perfect backdrop.” She said that “tapas and paella for dinner, a cigar rolling station on the balcony, and an Irish band were a way for us to pay homage to our Spanish and Irish heritage.”

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On November 12, 2021, they were married at Tampa’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Pete said to their wedding as “hands down the best day of my life.”

In front of God, our family, and our friends, I got to marry the woman of my dreams, he wrote on Instagram. @haleyralonso, I’m so grateful and happy to be your spouse.

2022 saw the couple’s first anniversary, and Haley posted a

For their anniversary, Pete also sent Haley a heartfelt letter, saying, “Today is the one-year anniversary of the most special moment in my life. Being married to my lifelong love makes me the luckiest man alive! Being your husband has been so amazing, and I am eager for everything that lies ahead. You have my undying affection, @haleyralonso.

She is very supportive of her husband

Pete’s journey from playing baseball at the University of Florida to the major leagues has been covered by Haley. On social media, she continues to post several images of her husband and proudly mentions Pete and his Mets teammates. She passionately supported the Mets in the 2022 playoffs after her husband’s great rookie season in 2019 and his back-to-back home run derby victories.

2019 saw her post a particularly endearing remark after Pete was promoted to the major leagues.

“Today at around noon, Pete called and said, ‘Hey honey, I’m a big leaguer. I get to play on opening day tomorrow. we both started crying. On Instagram, she posted. We’ve always discussed how this moment will feel, but

In addition to helping Pete on the pitch, Haley stayed at his side when he suffered a car accident in March 2022. Pete’s truck flipped three times while it was being driven to his first day of spring training in Port St. Lucie, Florida, when a driver blew a red light and struck it. In his statement to ESPN the next day, Pete said that this was “a really special spring training because yesterday was a really close experience to death.”

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“I feel blessed to be alive. I’m incredibly grateful to be here and extremely grateful that I’m well. Anything might occur at any time. I simply feel so, so lucky to be here,” he told the publication.

Haley published a video of the accident site in a since-deleted Instagram post after it occurred. Later, she wrote in an update with a vintage photo of her and Pete’s wedding, “Let’s grow old together @polarpete20,” among other things.

Pete’s devotion to his wife is unwavering as well. Happy Valentine’s Day, my life’s love! With you in it, life is at its best. You are my everlasting Valentine, which is certainly a blessing, he wrote on Instagram in 2023.

She and Pete are involved in charity work

The Alonso Foundation was established by the Mets first baseman and his wife. The organization’s mission statement reads, “To stand up for and support those in our community who can’t.” This is taken directly from the non-profit’s Instagram profile.

The charity has done this through raising money through a variety of activities, such as a young people’s home run derby in Pete’s hometown of Tampa and comedy shows. Additionally, they have organised contribution drives for hurricane relief, animal rights, and veteran organisations.

Mets fans are well aware of Pete’s commitment to give back; on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he bought his colleagues special cleats to wear in remembrance of the victims and first responders, according to reports.

She is a dog mom

The Alonsos are the proud owners of Brody, a French bulldog.

Brady was the dog’s initial name, but Pete informed ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian in 2020 that since Haley was from Boston, she knew too many dogs with that name, so they somewhat changed it. (Although it was only a coincidence, Brodie Van Wagenen was the Mets general manager at the time.)

Brody temporarily had his own Instagram account, where he claimed to be a cross between an ET, a bat, a bunny, and a piglet.

Additionally, the couple has contributed to animal-related charities. They supported the training of a Labrador retriever named Bear as a service dog in 2023 through K9s for Warriors. One of the canines K9s for Warriors saved from high-kill was named Bear.

She’s met plenty of famous people — including the Pope

During Pete and Haley’s European honeymoon in 2021, they got to know Pope Francis.

Haley posted a picture of the encounter along with the caption, “Literally #BLESSED,” on Instagram.

Outside of the Vatican City, they have also hung out with famous people. For example, in 2021 they visited Luke Combs’ backstage in Orlando and ran across Kesha at the MLB All-Star Weekend in 2022. In December 2019, they were able to watch the final Saturday Night Live performance of the decade.