Diamond Platnumz Hits Back at Critics Alleging Music Sampling Nigerians

Tanzanian music icon, Diamond Platnumz, has strongly refuted accusations of copying music from Nigerian artists, asserting that such claims are baseless and driven by jealousy over his success.

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Addressing the allegations in response to collaborator Juma Jux’s recent post of their song, Diamond dismissed the criticism and suggested that the complaints emerged solely due to his thriving career.

“Ukisikia Mtoto anapiga kelele ujue bakora imemuingia!…Maana Wakifanya Wengine, utaskia Magenius Wanaakili Wamesample, tukifanya sie tumekopi!

“[When you hear a child crying, know that a stick has hit them!… Because when others do it, you will hear people saying they are geniuses and intelligent, but when we do it, they say we have copied!]” Diamond wrote.

He pointed out that if the same accusations were directed at other artists, they would be viewed differently. Diamond believes that his achievements have made him an easy target for scrutiny.

In a statement, he emphasized that Nigerian artists might also face accusations of music sampling but have managed to diversify their sound by exploring genres like Amapiano. This, according to him, challenges the notion that he solely relies on sampling. Diamond also questioned why Nigerian artists, if the accusations were true, have not sampled Tanzanian Bongo music.

“Wangekua waumiza vichwa kweli wangeimba Mangaka, lizombe au Lingunjumu Ngoma na miziki ya kwetu…

“Mbona wameenda Kudandia Amapiano? tena zakuandikiwa… Nyenyenye! Nyenyenye! Fyuuuuu!

“[If they were really causing headaches, they would have sung Mangaka, lizombe, or Lingunjumu, traditional songs and music from our culture…

“[Why have they now jumped on the Amapiano trend? Moreover, they are being praised… Nyenyenye! Nyenyenye! Fyuuuuu!]” he pointed out.

He has faced scrutiny for allegedly sampling music from renowned Nigerian artists such as Asake, Spyro, Burna Boy, and Wiz Kid in some of his chart-topping hits. However, Diamond firmly denies the claims and suggests that his music is a product of his unique creativity and talent.