Is it a Fake news? About Brazil flooding after satanic parade

Is it a Fake news? About Brazil flooding after satanic parade -After making fun of Jesus by having Lucifer beat him during a satanic carnival in Sao Paulo, TikTok spreads false information about a flood in Brazil.

In So Sebastiao, homeless people are receiving shelter in schools, kindergartens, and churches. According to the So Paulo state administration, the victims have already received almost 7.5 tonnes of emergency supplies, including food, water, and hygiene kits.

De Freitas told the G1 news site that while some aid has arrived at its destination, some of it hasn’t due to criminals who took advantage of the confusion and looted vehicles carrying supplies.

Sao Sebastiao city in the state of So Paulo was the hardest hit, with at least 35 fatalities. A seven-year-old girl was slain in nearby Ubatuba. The accident, which occurred in a region known for its beaches and mountains on each side, forced numerous communities to cancel their Carnival celebrations, which are already underway elsewhere in the nation.

Is it a Fake news? About Brazil flooding after satanic parade

40 individuals were missing, according to governor Tarcisio de Freitas, who spoke to television network Globo. According to a statement from the state of So Paulo, 1,730 individuals have been relocated and about 800 people are homeless.

Just the roofs of flooded homes could be seen on TV video. Small boats were utilized by locals to transport supplies and people to higher ground.

As the official death toll in the coastal districts of Brazil’s southern So Paulo state increased to 48, search and rescue teams scrambled to discover the dozens of individuals still unaccounted for.

The governor of So Paulo, Tarcsio de Freitas, told reporters on Wednesday that “we are now working with a figure of at least 38 missing people,” despite the fact that further rain was expected.

The richest state in Brazil, which has already received more than 600mm (23.6 inches) of rain, has seen landslides and flooding as a result of intense downpours. This is the biggest cumulative amount of rain to ever fall in the nation. With 47 recorded fatalities, the city of So Sebastiao, roughly 200 kilometers (124.3 miles) from So Paulo, took the brunt of the toll. Nonetheless, surrounding communities including Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba, Bertioga, and Ubatuba also suffered greatly.

After an overcast morning, “moderate to heavy showers” are predicted to fall until early evening, according to the state administration, as a new cold front favors the formation of thick clouds over the area.

The ministry stated that important roadways including the Mogi-Bertioga and Rio-Santos highways remained impassable because of landslides, but the state-run water utility Sabesp was able to resume supplies to the area.

Government and private assistance organizations were rushing to give needs, but it was challenging to get to the remote villages. Roads, bridges, and houses were destroyed or damaged. Courses are no longer being held. Since March 6th, the Civil Defense has been doing thorough damage assessments and providing assistance to locals. Clothing, food, and sanitary necessities have been supplied by Civil Defense.

On March 7, the state’s deputy governor, Gabriel Souza, assessed the damage from the air and met with Civil Defense and local government representatives.

“We are also preparing for the following steps, which include repairing roads, bridges, schools, and other affected areas. The Deputy Governor stated, “We have received requests for an emergency decree from the towns, and we will acknowledge them to ensure faster action in whatever is required.

A state of emergency has already been declared by the municipality of Itati. Dom Pedro de AlcΓ’ntara, MaquinΓ©, TrΓͺs Forquilhas, and Morrinhos do Sul are all set to follow suit.

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