Wizkid first Girlfriend and Women that Wizkid has dated

Wizkid first Girlfriend and Women that Wizkid has dated -Wizkid is one of Nigeria’s most enjoyable musicians because of his catchy beats and insightful lyrics. Someone of Wizkid’s caliber would undoubtedly have a lot of attractive women swarming around him. His female fans have dragged him onto the stage multiple times when he was performing. And it’s not surprising given that the singer is one of the Nigerian celebs with the largest social media followings. Thus, we would be examining the female partners of Wizkid. Wizkid first Girlfriend and Women that Wizkid has dated

Wizkid first Girlfriend and Women that Wizkid has dated

1. Sophie Rammal

Wizkid first Girlfriend and Women that Wizkid has dated

Wizkid’s girlfriend during his formative years in the music business was Sophie Rammal. When Wizkid became 17, she began seeing him, and they remained together until he began making music professionally. Even though Wizkid and Sophie split up before he made his music industry debut, he included her in the music video for his first big single, “Holla At Your Boy.” Then, in 2016, Sophie wed a billionaire from Nigeria. Wizkid first Girlfriend

2. Sola Ogudu

One of the first women Wizkid is recognized for publicly is Sola. In the beginning of Wizkid’s career, the two were romantically involved, and while she was only 19 years old, he integrated her into his family. Even after she gave birth to their child, Boluwatife Balogun, in 2011, Wizkid continued to swear he didn’t want anything to do with the child and disputed the pregnancy. Wizkid first Girlfriend

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Wizkid took on the duty when a DNA test revealed the child was his. Sola referred to the artist as a “deadbeat parent” on multiple occasions and asserted that she used social media to ask for money to take care of her child.

3. Victoria Kimani

It is assumed that Wizkid and Victoria Kimani met as a result of their involvement in the Nigerian music industry. Kimani, a singer, songwriter, and actor from Kenya, used to be affiliated with Chocolate City Music. She admittedly had sex with Wizkid when he was seeing Tania, but it’s unclear whether they were romantically involved. In fact, there were rumors that after Tania discovered Victoria sleeping with Wizkid, she escaped via the window.

4. Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe, a former Big Brother Africa contestant, and Wizkid first became associated in 2014 while the singer was on tour in Kenya. Huddah, a Kenyan native, is thought to be one of the factors behind Wizkid’s on-again, off-again romance with his ex, Tania Omotayo. She visited the “Ojuelegba” singer in Nigeria on multiple occasions, and in 2018, she tweeted pictures of the two of them together and boasted about having slept with him. Although Wizkid was the only Nigerian man who managed to have a fling with Huddah, she hated West African males.

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