Education login password login password login password -As a result of the passage of Act of Parliament Cap. 129, the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) was founded with the mandate to supervise and organise the delivery of technical education and training across Tanzania. In this context, the terms “technical education and training” refer to the following:

Details Regarding the Admissions Process Section

The Procedures for Admission and Articulation This section facilitates student mobility, prepares and reviews admission guidebooks, admission guideline and procedures, deals with admission verification of selected students through online and offline models, and provides technical support to institutions on admission verification and enrollments of verified selected students as well as continuing students. In addition, this section deals with admission verification of selected students through online and offline models.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that any and all graduates of secondary education and colleges who meet the requirements for diploma courses and diploma courses submit their applications directly to the college in order to ensure that they are given the chance to enrol in the 2022/2023 academic year. Applicants who wish to enrol in health programmes at government institutions in Tanzania also have the option of doing so via the website login password

In addition, the Council recommends to prospective students and their parents or legal guardians that they make sure to submit their applications to higher education colleges that are included in the Academic Year book for the academic year 2022/2023.
On the NACTE website, you may obtain a copy of the Guidebook ( )


Your application must now be submitted at this time. Before you proceed with that, you should take one more look at all of the application documentation to check and see if anything important was overlooked by accident. After you have completed it, you will be able to submit an application to the college of your choice in TZ.

The NACTE online application platform is used to manage the majority of the application process, which takes place online. The only thing you need to do is sign up for a personal account on the NACTE website, and then you may go on to choosing a course and submitting an application. Take note that certain Institutions manage their own online application platforms and demand that you submit your application through either their platform or in conjunction with NACTE.

Watch for the Letter of Admission, Please.

Your university or institution will, as soon as they have received your application, send you an email to confirm that they have received it. It is not possible to estimate how long it will take the admissions committee to review your application and get back to you on the status of your admission. Your request will not be processed immediately because of the high volume of submissions that TZ institutions receive.

In all, this procedure takes a few weeks to complete, the exact length of which is contingent upon the volume of applications that the institution received during the relevant application period. The good news is that you may check on the status of the processing of your online application using the site for online applications provided by NACTE or the institution at any time you choose.