AUDIO: Esther Chungu – Asumbulwe | Download

AUDIO: Esther Chungu – Asumbulwe | Download Mp3

Esther Chungu – Asumbulwe is the name of a new song that was just released by Esther Chungu, who is a gospel musician, singer, and composer from Zambia.

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Esther Chungu, a singer and composer from Zambia, is the artist of the song “Asumbulwe.” This song is about Esther’s personal journey, as well as her thoughts and feelings towards love and faith. It is a strong song that speaks to everyone who has ever battled and won over the challenges that life has presented them with. It is also an encouraging anthem.

The track showcases Esther’s strong and passionate vocals, which are complemented by a melodic acoustic guitar riff that is both soothing and energising. No matter what challenges life presents, the lyrics of the song serve as a gentle nudge to remember to preserve your courage and your faith.

Listen to “Esther Chungu – Asumbulwe” Below;