AUDIO: Mbilia Bel – Sambela | Download

AUDIO: Mbilia Bel – Sambela | Download MP3

Mbilia Bel – Sambela –M’bilia Bel, who hails from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is known as the Queen of Congolese and African Rumba as well as a world music singer, has returned with a brand new breathtaking smash titled “Sambela.”

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In addition, M’bilia Bel left the band in late 1987 or early 1988 in order to pursue a career as a solo artist. She worked with a Gabonese producer in Libreville for a short while before moving to Paris, where she began playing with the guitarist Rigo Star Bamundele. Her debut record with Rigo Star was titled “Phénomène,” and it was a phenomenal hit not just in Kinshasa but even across the globe. The next albums, “Desolé,” “8/10 Benedicta,” “Yalowa,” and “Exploration,” did not fare as well commercially as the previous ones.

Listen to “Mbilia Bel – Sambela” Below;