Matokeo ya VETA level three 2022/2023

Matokeo ya VETA level three 2022

Matokeo ya VETA level three 2022/2023 -The Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) was first constituted as an independent government organisation in accordance with Chapter 82 of Act No. 1 of 1994, which was later amended in 2006. The Tanzanian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is going to be supervised by VETA, which is why it was established in the first place. It is responsible for promoting, coordinating, offering, regulating, and supporting vocational and technical education (VET) throughout the nation.


VETA’s long-term goal is to see “sufficient and competent artisans” working in Tanzania.


“To ensure quality vocational skills by providing, regulating, organising, promoting, and financially supporting vocational education and training for the sake of national sociol economics development.”

Core Values i. Demand driven services;

ii. Service Excellence;

iii. Openness and Honesty; in addition to

A fourth point, cooperation

VETA has 33 vocational training facilities and institutes across the country through which it conducts training in order to fulfil its mission of providing vocational education and training. In addition to this, it provides training for vocational teachers through the Vocational Teachers Training College that it operates in Morogoro.

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ii. Coordinating vocational education and training; VETA is responsible for coordinating the over 700 vocational education and training institutions that are owned and operated by various VET providers in the country. These institutions provide training in the form of long courses, short courses, and courses that are tailored to the individual. In addition, VETA conducts Labor Market Surveys in order to assess the skills that are required by the market.

In addition, the Authority establishes and continues to cultivate close relationships and partnerships with a variety of other national and regional training providers.

Registration of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Institutions, Accreditation, Setting Standards, Curriculum Development, Compliance Auditing, Assessment, and Certification are some of the ways that VETA governs the provision of vocational education and training in the country.

The VET Fund for Vocational Education and Training is supported financially and administered by VETA. Contributions from businesses to the Skills Development Levy are the principal source of funding for the VET Fund (SDL). Employers who have four or more employees pay 6% of their workers’ salaries into the State Disability Fund (SDL).

Aside from government development programmes and contributions from development partners, other sources of funding for vocational education and training include contributions from development partners, cash from internal sources such as revenue-generating activities, and training fees.

v. Encouraging Students to Pursue Careers Through Education and Training

The objective of the Vocational Education and Training Alliance (VETA) is to advance vocational education and training across the country. VETA is of the opinion that in order for the general public to be able to assist VET, it must first be adequately informed about the goals and activities of VET. Interaction with a variety of stakeholders—including the government, parents, employers, and employees—is one of the most effective ways to advance VET. Other audiences include of trainees, both those who are already enrolled and those who may enrol in the future, instructors, graduates of VET programmes, politicians, trade unions, non-governmental groups, and the media.

Communication with stakeholders on vocational education and training (VET) is done by VETA through a number of different channels, such as advertising, events during VET week, public presentations, trade fairs and exhibitions, and PR. Newsletters, annual reports, brochures, VET catalogues, the website, and other materials are all included as part of the promotional mix.

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