Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023

Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023

Ajira za Polisi December 2022 -Employment opportunities have been announced by the Chief of the Tanzania Police Force for young graduates who have completed training with the Nation Building Force (JKT) and the Economy Building Force (JKU). These graduates include those who are currently residing in the camps as well as those who are located outside the camps and have a Fourth Form education, Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Degree.

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Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023 Qualifications of Applicants

a) Be a citizen of Tanzania by birth.
b) Must have graduated from JKT/JKU training
c) Must have graduated from the fourth form from 2016 onwards aged
from 18 to 25 years.

d) Graduates of Degree, Higher Diploma and Diploma should be of age starting from
18 to 30 years.
e) Have a national identity card or identity number from the authority of
national identities (NIDA).

f) He should be in good physical and mental health certified by a government doctor.
g) He should not have any criminal record.
h) He should be single/married or have a child.

i) He should not have any marks on his body (tattoo)
j) He should be at least five feet (5.5) tall for men, and five feet three inches
(5’3”) for women.
k) He must have never used drugs.

l) He should be ready to attend the initial training of the Police profession.
m) He must not be employed by another government institution.
n) Be ready to do Police work anywhere in Tanzania.
o) Applicants who pass the interview will be selected.

p) He should be ready to pay for himself in all stages of the interview in case he is called
q) For those with a Diploma, Diploma, Higher Diploma and Degree
have the fields specified in (attachment ‘A’).
r) The deadline for receiving applications is 27/12/2022.

Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023

Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023
Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023

Ajira za Polisi December 2022/2023 Application procedure

i. All applicants should write their own application letters by hand
(Handwriting) without forgetting their phone numbers at the address:
Chief of Police,
S.L.P 961,

ii. For fourth form applicants who have already graduated from JKT/JKU training
and those who are still in the camps should deliver their letters to the camp chiefs.
iii. For fourth form applicants who have graduated from JKT/JKU training
those who are outside the camps (uriani), submit their application letters to
Regional Police Commanders.

iv. For applicants with Bachelor’s degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma and
The qualifications specified in (attachment ‘A’) will be required to fill in the form
(attachment ‘B’) which is available on the Police website showing
his personal information.

The sending of the form should not be by way of scanning (Scan).
you have to download, and fill in the relevant information and then send it together
and prayer. All applications should be sent via email [email protected] and
not by post. Applications to be submitted by hand or through
Postage will not be received.

3. All applicants must attach the following copies:

a. Copy of birth certificate
b. A copy of NIDA National ID or NIDA number
c. A copy of the JKT/JKU training graduation certificate for those outside of
d. Copies of professional certificates (Academic Certificates).
e. Copies of secondary education graduation certificates (Leaving

Issued by:
Head of the Tanzanian Police Force
Police Headquarters
S.L.P 961