Matokeo Yanga vs Simba, Result and Live Updates 13 August 2022

Matokeo Yanga vs Simba, Result and Live Updates 13 August 2022

Matokeo Yanga vs Simba, Result and Live Updates 13 August 2022 -Kariakoo, which is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, serves as the home base for the Simba Sports Club, which is a football club.

After the Tanzania Giants and Dar Young Africans split off to form their own organization in 1936, the new club that arose was given the moniker Queens. This name was chosen for the new organization. The club is called “Her Majesty’s” in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of England. In its long and illustrious history, the club has gone by a variety of names, including Queens, Eagles, and, most recently, Sunderland. In 1971, they made the decision to alter their name to Simba, which is Swahili meaning “Lion.” Matokeo Live results and updates for the match between Simba and St. George in 2022

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Matokeo Yanga vs Simba, Result and Live Updates 13 August 2022

Matokeo Yanga vs Simba
Matokeo Yanga vs Simba

Matokeo Yanga vs Simba, Result and Live Updates 13 August 2022

1′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba

3′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba

6′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba

8′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba

10′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba

11′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba

13′ Yanga 0 vs 1 Simba (Sakho “13)

17′ Yanga 0 vs 0 Simba


Simba SC has been victorious in a total of 21 league competitions, in addition to five domestic cup competitions, and has made many appearances in the CAF Champions League. Simba SC has also won five domestic cup championships. They are also one of the most successful clubs in East African football, having won the CECAFA Club Championship a total of six times, making them one of the most successful clubs in the region. Matokeo Yanga vs Simba

Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is where all of Simba’s home matches are played. The number of people following Simba on Instagram increased by 89 percent over the previous year, bringing the total number of followers to 1.9 million in 2022. Because of this, it became the football club with the Instagram account that was growing at the fastest rate.

The club has revealed that it will have a total budget of Sh 6.1 Billion (which is equivalent to $5.3 million) for the 2019/2020 season, making it one of the wealthiest in East Africa. Additionally, the club has made this information public.

Matokeo Yanga vs Simba, Result and Live Updates 13 August 2022

Matokeo Yanga vs Simba

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Young Africans Sports Club, more often known as Yanga, is a Tanzanian football club that plays its home games in Jangwani, which is located in the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The club was founded in 1935, and the Benjamin Mkapa Arena serves as the venue for all of their home games.

The club’s nickname is “Yanga,” which means “Young Boys,” and they have won a total of 28 league titles in addition to a variety of domestic trophies. Additionally, they have competed in various editions of the CAF Champions League. They have done so well that they have won the CECAFA Club Champion five times. Matokeo Yanga vs Simba

The club achieved legendary status as a symbol of the anti-colonial movement. Young people in Africa established connections with nationalists as well as liberation fighters, which resulted in the political organization TANU adopting yellow and green as its primary colors as a direct result of their influence. The club is currently going through a procedure that will keep the financiers’ ownership of the club at a rate of 49% while giving the remaining 51% to the charter members. Matokeo Yanga vs Simba

The club participates in an ongoing struggle with their rivals from the other side of the city, Simba, against whom they compete in the Dar es Salaam (more appropriately termed Kariakoo) derby. The rivalry was ranked fifth as one of the most notable derbies that take place on the African continent.

The history of the club can be traced back as far as the 1910s, but the formally acknowledged history of the club began in 1935. At that time, residents of Dar es Salaam, who were classified as Africans by the colonial administration in Tanganyika, decided to form a football club in order to compete in an organization that included many “non-African” football clubs. The club’s origins can be traced back to as early as the 1910s. According to some accounts, the club’s original moniker was New Youthful. After some time, it acquired the name Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC, and after some more time, it was renamed Young Africans Sports Club.

After it was established in 1935, the members of it argued amongst themselves over their team’s ineffective performance as well as the results. The club’s performance in 1936 was even worse than in 1935, and it was deemed to be inappropriate for competition. As a result, some of the club’s members left to form a second group and compete separately. Arabs who chose to cause problems among club members in order to bring about a split in the membership were those who advocated for departing the country.

They were successful, and in addition, along with other opponents, they established a club that came to be known as Queens Football Club (currently Simba). Young Africans and Simba have been rivals ever since that point in time and continue to compete against one another. The matchup between these two teams is consistently ranked among the top five most talked about derbies in African football, and it is often considered to be the most exciting competition to take place in the Sub-Saharan region.