Zalan Fc wapinzani wa Yanga Sc CAF Champions League

Zalan Fc wapinzani wa Yanga Sc CAF Champions League

Zalan Fc wapinzani wa Yanga Sc CAF Champions League -Zalan is a football team based in the city of Rumbek, South Sudan, that competes in the league that is run by the Sudanese government. It hasn’t been very long for the squad that won the Sudanese championship for the first time in the 2021/2022 season, but they also won the Sudan Confederation Cup in 2018. Both of these victories came in quick succession. These individuals are Yanga’s adversaries. KLABU BINGWA AFRICA 2022/2023

South Sudanese soccer club Zalan FC hails from the city of Rumbek. They are active participants in the South Sudan Premier League, where they achieved a second-place finish in Group B in 2017.

Zalan Fc
Zalan Fc

Gonzaga FC defeated Zalan FC in the 2017 UNMISS Peace Cup final by a score of 4–2. After a 4–0 victory over Gold Star squad in 2018, Zalan FC was crowned champions of the South Sudan Premier League.

The South Sudan Premier League is the next level up on the football pyramid in South Sudan after the South Sudan Football Championship. This league comes directly after the South Sudan Football Championship. This competition takes place immediately after the South Sudan Cup. The first season of the show debuted in 2013, one year after South Sudan was finally able to declare its independence.

The South Sudan Football Championship is the name of the South Sudan Football Association’s top-tiered tournament series of all of their many levels of competition. In 2011, when South Sudan was finally able to declare its independence, production on the first season of the show got underway.

At the inaugural event in 2011, which featured opposition from seven other champions from different provinces, Wau Salaam was able to win and take home the trophy. After that, in 2012, they took part in the CECAFA Kagame Interclub Cup as South Sudan’s representatives.

Atlabara won the championship for a second straight year in 2013, taking home the trophy for their efforts. As a direct result of their success, Atlabara earned a spot in the 2014 CAF Champions League.

The Young Africans Sports Club, also known simply as Yanga, is a Tanzanian football club that plays its home games in the Jangwani neighborhood of Dar es Salaam. The club was established in 1935, and the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is where they play their home games.

The club’s nickname is “Yanga,” which means “Young Boys,” and they have won 28 league titles and a number of domestic cup competitions. Additionally, they have competed in many editions of the CAF Champions League. They are five-time champions of the CECAFA Club Championship tournament.

The club came to represent the anti-colonial movement and its ideals. The political group TANU was motivated to choose yellow and green as their major colors after becoming linked with young Africans who got associated with nationalists and independence fighters. The club is currently going through a procedure that will maintain the current ownership structure of the club at 49% for investors and 51% for club members.