UDOM SR2 -Student Record Management System (SRMS)

UDOM SR2 -Student Record Management System (SRMS)

UDOM SR2 Student Record Management System (SR2) SRMS–University of Dodoma Student portal login

UDOM SR2 System for the Management of Student Records (SR2) SRMS was developed so that prospective and current students of the University could use it to complete any academic task, such as registering for courses online, viewing examination results and timetables, viewing lists of students enrolled in individual courses, and tracking the progress of individual students.

On this page, you can find instructions on how to sign in, sign up, retrieve, change, or reset the password for your profile or account dashboard on the University of Dodoma SR2 login portal that is accessible online.

Students enrolled in undergraduate, diploma, postgraduate, certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as staff members, can now access the University of Dodoma’s (UDOM) Student Record Management System (SR2) through an online login portal that has been enabled by the administration.

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UDOM SR2 -Student Record Management System (SRMS)

This Secure Student Information System contains all information regarding Personal Particulars and Academic Records; furthermore, you are able to check any and all information concerning you here.

  • Semester Registration
  • Records of the Payment of Fees
  • The findings of the examination
  • The Outline of the Lessons
  • Program modules


UDOM SR2 -Student Record Management System (SRMS) 👇