Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa M-pesa | How To Become M-pesa Agent in Tanzania

Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa M-pesa | How To Become M-pesa Agent in Tanzania

Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa M-pesa | How To Become M-pesa Agent -Employment is one of the major tragedies in Tanzania. Many young people graduate from different universities each year but development progress is gradual, thus the existing job vacancies do not satisfy all graduates who graduate from higher education. So this appeal for Tanzanian Youth to develop jobs for themselves.

If you are a college graduate and do not have a lot of funds and need a start-up business, then being a Vodacom agent may be one of your suitable possibilities. Here we’ll supply you with white cane on how to become m-pesa agent in Tanzania and earn some amount.

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What Are M-Pesa Agents ? Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa M-pesa

M-Pesa Agents are accountable for teaching customers, facilitating cash withdrawals and deposits, adhering to ‘know your customer’ (KYC) regulations, and enrolling new users. The M–PESA SIM card and handset that are necessary for the agents to complete their responsibilities are provided to them. The steps needed to become an M-Pesa agent in Tanzania are outlined below ( Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa M-pesa Tanzania )

Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa Mpesa

In order to become an M-pesa agent, you will first need to register with Vodacom Tanzania and then have access to the Agent apps. In order to successfully register oneself, you will need the following documents:

To become an M-Pesa Wakala/agent you need:

  • National ID
  • Business license
  • TIN number (business

There should be a consistent owner name and legal certification throughout all of the paperwork.

Send the documents to either of the locations listed below:

  • Super-agent for M-Pesa transactions in a particular region
  • A Vodacom Store not far away
  • Vodacom regional offices

For further information, please get in touch with the Vodacom Help Center using the details provided below.

Location: 15th Floor, Vodacom Tower, Ursino Estate Plot 23, Old Bagamoyo Road, P.O. Box 2369, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania