Audio | Justin Bieber – Hotline Bling (Remix) | Mp3 Download

Audio | Justin Bieber – Hotline Bling (Remix) | Mp3 Download

Justin Bieber launches directly into a lo-fi, short skit before his cover. “What do you mean” it’s not like that? Oh, you’re sorry?” the singer says over the track’s beat. “Well, where are you now that I need you? But girl, lemme just tell you something.”For Bieber, “Hotline Bling” transforms from a tale about an ex-girlfriend who left moved out of the city to a more heartbreaking story of an ex who cheated on him.

“You used to call him on his cell phone, when you couldn’t reach my love,” he singsAt the end of the call, an operator briefly plugs Purpose, due out November 13th, before offering the option to “stay in touch with Justin’s bling bling.

Listen below.

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