SiSi Sio Kundi | SSK (Video) – Habari Ya Leo | Mp4 Download

SiSi Sio Kundi | SSK (Video) – Habari Ya Leo | Mp4 Download

“Habari Ya Leo” is the first single released by SSK, the Tanzanian Rap group which consist of 3 prolific emcees (Wakazi, Zaiid, P The MC) and one unorthodox producer (Cjamoker). Habari ya Leo is the Swahili phrase for “Today’s News” as well as a common way of saying “How Are You today” as a greeting. It being the debut track of the quartet, these furious spitters smoothly used the opportunity to simply introduce themselves and alert music lovers that they have arrived, and that is the news of the day. With each member already being a star in their own right, their unity has made each of them compromise certain aspects of their trademark sound, and the result has been more of an addition to the TZ rap music scene and undoubtedly destined to make a mark as well in the Hip Hp group hierarchy.

Produced by SSK’s own Cjamoker, Habari Ya Leo sets the tone for whats about to come non stop from this Rap conglomerate. The music video was shot, directed and edited by Mecky Kaloka, all on location at Chimbo Inc Studios. The documentary style visuals was inspired by the situation itself as the Director felt, since this is the groups first outing, its important to show the genesis of it all as the music do start in the studio before reaching the world and make headlines.

Be on the look out of another release within a month as SSK (in between of solo projects releases) race to finish the recording of their album, slated to drop sometime in July.

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