Koffi Olomide songs mp3 download

Koffi Olomide songs mp3 download

Koffi Olomide songs mp3 download -Koffi Olomidé, Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba’s stage name, is a Congolese soukus singer, dancer, producer, and composer. He was born on July 13, 1956. In his career, he has amassed a number of gold records. He founded the Quartier Latin International orchestra, which features many well-known performers, including Ferré Gola and Fally Ipupa.

His colourful appearance and charismatic stage presence are well-known. His songs are distinguished by catchy rhythms, melodic arrangements, and beautiful lyrics that cover a wide range of subjects, such as love, contemporary social challenges, and African pride.

Koffi Olomide songs mp3 download


Olomide was born in Kisangani, the DRC, on July 13, 1956. Given that he was born on a Friday, his mother gave him the name Koffi. He grew up without a musical background in a middle-class family. Up until a neighbour showed him how to play the guitar, Olomide improvised by singing well-known songs with his own lyrics and modified rhythms.

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Olomide, who was frequently referred to as “a very bright student” by both professors and peers, was awarded a scholarship to study at Bordeaux, France, where he got a bachelor’s degree in business economics. Additionally, it has been claimed that he has a master’s in mathematics from the University of Paris.

Koffi Olomide songs mp3 download

Musical career

Koffi joined his mentor Papa Wemba’s band Viva la Musica in the 1970s after returning to the Congo, first as a writer and lyricist and then as the lead vocalist.

He founded Quartier Latin International in 1986, and the group turned 20 years old in 2006. Since then, he has recorded and performed both solo and with the group. He amassed a devoted following around the world over time, especially in Europe and Africa. Koffi made the slower Soukous style, which he called Tcha Tcho, more well-known. His music frequently tackles hot-button issues and subjects that are prohibited in some traditional societies.

Additionally, he took part in the Africando salsa music initiative. Koffi won four prizes in one night at the annual Kora Awards in South Africa for his work, Effrakata, which was released in 2001. This included the prize for Best African Artist, which he had previously won in 1998. He most recently received the “Best African Artist of the Decade” Kora Award. This established the “Quadra Kora Man,” one of his numerous aliases.