30 simple mehndi designs for hands step by step (images)

The dashing photographs of mehndi designs on the various social platforms show that simple mehndi designs for hands have become more and more popular over the past century. Because it produces such a stunning design and feel on the palms, wearing mehndi is increasingly becoming a fashion statement. To improve physical appearance, a variety of patterns or designs can be painted on the hands.

In India, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia more than 500 years ago, the practise of applying mehndi first appeared. For special occasions in the past, individuals would decorate their hands and feet with mehndi. Depending on the area, different mehndi patterns were utilised. Many new mehndi patterns have emerged recently, enhancing the conventional designs with a touch of glitz and fashion.

Simple mehndi designs for hands step by step

You should first familiarise yourself with the history of mehndi. When you smash the dried leaves of the henna plant, you get the mehndi paste. To make the mehndi paste, follow these steps:

  • Dry the leaves of the henna plant in the sun
  • After the leaves have dried, you need to ground them to get a fine mossy powder that is green in colour.
  • Take the green powder and mix it with an adequate amount of water
  • If you want to obtain a smooth paste, you should add eucalyptus oil and lemon juice to the mixture.
  • Soak the paste overnight to guarantee the infusion of all ingredients
  • In the morning you should pour it into a plastic cone in readiness for application.

You can now proceed to adorn your hands with the mehndi paste that you made. Follow these steps to apply mehndi to your hands:

  • Before you begin applying mehndi on your hands, ensure that you clean them thoroughly using a handwashing liquid or soap. If the hands are too oily, use cotton wool to rub some alcohol on them. Ensure that the hands are completely dry before you apply mehndi.
  • Use a rough paper to test the working condition of the cone. If the hole of the tip of the cone is too tiny, you should cut it slightly.
  • At this point, you should position the mehndi cone correctly. The cone should be held a good distance from the edge in the same way you hold a pen or pencil.
  • Stretch your hands straight and begin working on the portion of the hand that you want to apply mehndi.
  • When applying mehndi, begin with the big shapes or designs. Form the outer border and then proceed to fill them with the tiny patterns. You should leave the fingertips for the last move.
  • Wait for the mehndi paste to dry completely. For best results, leave the henna on when you go to bed and wash it off in the morning. However, you can use a heater to dry it faster.
  • When the mehndi has completely dried, mix lemon and sugar and apply the solution on the mehndi using cotton wool. This ensures that the mehndi pattern lasts for a long time.

Simple mehndi designs for front hands

Here are some of the newest basic mehndi designs for hands that you should try if you want to embellish your palm with mehndi. They are for the mehndi art enthusiasts out there.

1. Magical circles

A straightforward mehndi pattern that can be used on any occasion is the magical circle. It is the most straightforward pattern you may apply to enhance the beauty of your hand’s palm. Beginners can experiment with the design because it is so straightforward.

2. Geometric designs

The geometric pattern has Indian cultural roots. To create a stunning and striking design, you can combine the flower pattern with different geometric shapes. One of the simplest and most straightforward designs to try out when starting out is this one.

3. The arch design

Women of all ages can have this design drawn on their palms, and it looks really gorgeous. On the palm of the hand, semicircular and u-shaped arches are drawn for this pattern. Due of its versatility and popularity in mehndi art, arches are a perennial favourite.

4. Intricate designs

The elaborate pattern gives the palms of your hands a rich, beautiful appearance. The majority of brides choose this style because it enhances beauty. This pattern is a good choice if you want to attempt something new and complicated this year.

5. Bangle and finger art

The pattern is depicted as a natural bangle. It is appropriate for women who don’t value jewellery as much. The organic technique of sketching a bangle and decorating your fingers with mehndi gives the palm a distinctive touch and enhances the wrist.

6. Flowery flower design

The most popular designs that serve as the foundation of mehndi art are floral patterns. You have the option of drawing the flower alone or including leaves and creepers, as seen in the example above. The floral mehndi design is on high demand as women prefer to be spotted in this design.

7. Peacock design

The peacock is a key figure in Indian culture and has gradually made an appearance in mehndi art. It is one of the most popular designs used to adorn the hand’s palm. Your hands will look more feminine because to the design’s elegant and attractive appearance. This pattern is chosen by the majority of Indian brides.

8. Arabic mehndi designs

These patterns stand out for their heavy shading and flowery patterns. They have an unmatched appeal that draws the eye. They are the most popular and sought-after mehndi designs, which may surprise you.

9. Bold and beautiful design

The pattern of choice for individuals who want to grab attention is the striking and lovely design. You must draw the mehndi pattern for this design so that your front hand appears to be covered in henna. This look is stunning and trendy and works for any situation.

10. Leafy mehndi design

Arabia is where the leafy motif first appeared. The next time you want to embellish your palm with mehndi, you should choose this simple, elegant design because it doesn’t take much expertise.

11. Hearty touch

Women all across the world adore this mehndi pattern, which is among the most well-liked ones. The brides’ palms are often painted with various patterns, but the heart motif is at the top of the list. Making this design is simple and enjoyable.

12. Multi-patterned design

This mehndi pattern perfectly juggles tradition and contemporary. To give your hand a hint of glitz, combine the flowery pattern with thin, strong strokes. Make sure to leave some blank areas behind when creating this pattern to enhance the pattern’s modernity.

13. Band style

This mehndi pattern is quite distinctive. A variety of patterns are created using the mehndi paste. It is one of the styles that ladies who favour a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic most frequently wear.

Simple mehndi designs for back hands

You should try out these mehndi patterns on the back of the hand if, for whatever reason, you do not want to draw the mehndi pattern on the palm of your hand.

1. Bold intricate design

The bold, complicated mehndi pattern is designed so that the main themes are emphasised by dabbing on a lot of henna. This gives the overall design a bold touch.

2. Minimalist design

3. The ringed design

For women who wish to try something different this year, the ringed style is ideal. You have the option of drawing the ring on only one finger or on each finger individually. The ringed design stands out from other conventional designs because it highlights your fingers.

4. Curly curves

If you don’t have much time and prefer simpler designs, this design should be at the top of your selection. The simplicity of this design would appeal to those who enjoy mehndi art. The back of your hand gets a fresh touch from the curly pattern.

5. Mehndi for fingers

You can only use mehndi on your fingers, did you know that? Most women these days choose to use mehndi only on their fingertips. Your appearance becomes more distinctive as a result.

6. Chessboard design

This pattern has to be at the top of your choice if you want to beautify the palms of your hands with a fresh and distinctive pattern. Draw a leafy pattern or a chessboard design inside the heart for the greatest effects.

7. Elegant middle finger mehndi design

The mehndi design can also be applied on the middle finger. To finish the design, the beautiful floral pattern should be applied to the centre of the back hand.

8. The floral web

For every event, this is the best pattern to use to adorn the back of your hands. People near to you can gaze at the design for hours since it is so exquisite. If you want to draw attention to your hands, this design should be at the top of your choice of mehndi designs.

9. Backhand mandala

A crucial component of the conventional mehndi pattern is the mandala. For those beginners who are looking to achieve perfection, this style ought to be at the top of their list. One of the simplest yet most effective designs is this one.

10. Beautiful jewelry mehndi design

Mehndi is applied in such a way that anyone who sees your hand would believe that it has lovely jewellery linked to it. One of the most beautiful and straightforward patterns should be at the top of your choice of mehndi designs.

11. Ornamental design

The pattern appears less like a mehndi design and more like an ornament. It has a highly original appearance and is the ideal choice for individuals who do not want to overstuff their hands with jewellery.

12. Keeping it simple

For individuals who are learning to apply mehndi, this straightforward pattern is intended. The pattern has a tattoo-like appearance and functionality. Try out this design if you want to adorn your hands with a tattoo without going through the actual discomfort.

13. Beauty at its best

Nothing is more attractive than mehndi applied to the back of your hand, which every lady desires to have gorgeous hands. One of the easiest and most lovely mehndi designs you should try this year is this one. Your hand’s back will have a very lovely pattern on it.

14. Glove patterned design

When applying mehndi to the back of your hands, this is one of the most distinctive patterns you may utilise. You would resemble someone sporting a stylish glove on their hand when you have mehndi done in the glove pattern.

15. Floral Rangoli

One of the most creative techniques for mehndi creation is to use the Rangoli pattern. The Rangoli is a crucial component of Indian culture. It necessitates that the designer expand the straightforward floral pattern into a whole design. You should try the Rangoli design this year because it is quite easy.

16. Single floral trail design

One of the easiest and most well-liked mehndi designs is this one. One trail leads from the tip of the finger to the wrist in the floral pattern. The other fingers can also receive a few strokes of the floral pattern. Due to its sparing usage of mehndi, this design stands out significantly from the others.

17. Beautiful creepers

This is one of the mehndi designs that should be at the top of your list if you are a novice. Drawing the pattern on the back of your hand is rather easy.