Who is Marshmello? real identity, face reveal, and net worth

Who is marshmello? real identity, face reveal, and net worth. Marshmello is an American DJ and producer of music. The award-winning musician, Christopher Comstock, was born and has been one of the most reliable gatekeepers of electronic music in recent years. But EDM fans have taken a strong interest in his obscurity and fictitious face revelations.

Marshmello, who is he? The renowned DJ Chris Comstock has never revealed his face in public when performing at a concert. Additionally, a 2019 tweet verified an earlier claim that Comstock’s moniker, Dotcom, was actually Marshmello.

Profile summary

  • Name: Christopher Comstock
  • Stage names: Marshmello and Dotcom
  • Profession: DJ and Electronic Music Producer
  • Date of birth: May 19, 1992
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts/Science, Joytime University
  • Nationality: American
  • Girlfriend: Kelsey Calemine

Marshmello’s identity

Three projects were published on SoundCloud by an anonymous DJ going by the stage name Marshmello around the end of 2015. EDM was buzzing with the three remixes, especially with younger listeners. More individuals started to show interest in the Marshmello persona after Skrillex, one of the gatekeepers of EDM, shared one of the three songs.

Under the Marshmello mask, who is it? Despite generating excitement in the EDM scene and revitalising a subgenre, the gifted DJ and music producer chose to wear a huge cartoon mask over his face. Nonetheless, he employed a production style akin to Dotcom, the stage name of Christopher Comstock.

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Following that, EDM fans started asking one another frequently, “Is Marshmello Dotcom?” Aside from the fact that Marshmello produced more polished music than Dotcom, the two artists shared traits, particularly when it came to writing straightforward yet danceable tunes.

In addition, Dotcom’s most recent effort was released in 2015—the same year Marshmello began releasing music. Dotcom hasn’t released a project in five years since that time. The majority of people perceive Marshmello as a reimagining of Dotcom.

However, Forbes in 2017 verified the claim that Marshmello was Comstock. It was also confirmed by the report that he was Dotcom. It’s interesting to note that Marshmello has not yet responded to the Forbes article.

Marshmello’s fake reveals

There were false revelations prior to the Forbes article that made Marshmello’s name public. These might be small-scale disclosures on social media platforms or large-scale ones at live events that draw millions of viewers. Among the more notable practical jokes are:

Shawn Mendes during the 2018 iHeart Radio awards

Marshmello was a major performance at the 2018 iHeart Radio Awards. But Shawn Mendes was wearing Marshmello’s mask when he went on stage to claim his trophy. A few hours before the event, Marshmello had teased a faux disclosure in a tweet, which is why most EDM fans were taken aback by this revelation.

Diplo’s fake reveal

Because Marshmello and Diplo both produced straightforward remixes, many mistakenly thought that the artist releasing projects in 2015 was Diplo. Although the Diplo false revelation was less planned than the last one, it nevertheless generated a lot of talk in the music industry.

Marshmello rebranding

Is Marshmello well-known? Comstock is the newest and most creative brand among the A-List EDM producers/DJs. He is also the first well-known producer to completely revamp his brand.

Despite being active on Dotcom’s social media platforms, he doesn’t often discuss music. His choice to stop using his social media profiles to advertise any project suggests that Marshmello is his new, permanent persona.

Marshmello musical milestones

Marshmello’s musical career is distinct from that of Dotcom, his former alias. Marshmello is the unofficial representative of the Trap subgenre and a voice for the younger generation of EDM fans, having been the first of the world’s top DJs to adopt it.

Marshmello has changed as an artist in order to reach his current position. Among his varied discography, the next three projects are particularly noteworthy.

1. Joytime (debut album)

Marshmello officially dropped his debut album on SoundCloud after a few releases. Songs like “Want U 2” and “Keep it Mello” were on the CD. Marshmello’s album was one of the top electronic albums of 2016 because of these two hits.

2. ‘Alone’ (a single)

Chris’s most important song since redefining himself as Marshmello is “Alone.” In July 2020, the song had millions of listens on various platforms and over 1.7 billion views on YouTube. The song not only became one of the few to reach one billion views, but it also made him famous all over the world.

3. ‘Happier’ (track featuring Bastille)

One of the key tracks in Marshmello’s discography is “Happier.” The EDM producer approached messaging in a different way than other features. The 2018 song talks on what it takes to be happy and—more importantly—how crucial it is to move on from unhealthy relationships.

Marshmello relationship with Kelsey

Although Marshmello has maintained his privacy, he has always been connected to Kelsey Calemine. The argument over whether Kelsey is Marshmello’s girlfriend was settled on Valentine’s Day 2020 when she shared a photo of herself with Comstock.

Kelsey chose to tag Comstock on the older Dotcom account rather than his own Marshmello account. Nonetheless, well-known people like Diplo made fun of her choice to not tag Marshmello’s anonymous account.

Nominations and awards

Over the past five years, Marshmello has completely changed the sound of EDM. He attracts to the younger EDM crowd more than most veteran DJs because of his proficiency in the emerging subgenre of trap music. Marshmello is one of the most nominated DJs and music producers of the past five years because of his distinctive sound.

Among his accolades are:

Marshmello net worth and earnings

Marshmello is estimated to have a net worth of $56 million per Forbes. Over the last three years, his value has grown as a result of further international tours and other ventures.

Marshmello gets most of his money from performing live. He has outperformed other well-known EDM DJs, such David Guetta, in terms of performance fees because of his distinctive sound. He is the sixth most expensive DJ in the world, according to Forbes. Marshmello made $23 million from concerts alone in 2018.

The song producer gets paid via music streams as well. Marshmello is one of the bestselling EDM musicians despite his undetermined stream revenue. He is a top DJ and music producer.

In addition to being a musician, Marshmello invests. Michael Tierney and they launched a marshmallow company together. Having a significant ownership in Stuffed Puffs has enabled him to diversify his income sources beyond music.