AUDIO: Meja Kunta – Bado Hujasema | Download

AUDIO: Meja Kunta – Bado Hujasema | Download Mp3

Meja Kunta – Bado Hujasema –Meja Kunta, a Tanzanian songbird, has gifted us with a brand-new song called “Bado Hujasema,” and I must say, it’s amazing! The anticipation for this music has been building for weeks as The King of Singeli has been teasing it. But believe me, it was worth waiting.


Meja Kunta’s “Bado Hujasema” is a timeless slow song that features her characteristic soulful voice and enticing tunes. Written by Kunta herself, the lyrics convey a tale of love and yearning. The narrator is missing a past love, thinking back on the pleasant days and questioning whether there is still hope for them.

Listen to “Meja Kunta – Bado Hujasema” Below;