YouTube Crowns Jux Ft. Diamond ‘Enjoy’ the Most-Watched Bongo Music Video of 2023

YouTube Crowns Jux Ft. Diamond ‘Enjoy’ the Most-Watched Bongo Music Video of 2023 -Jux and Diamond Platnumz released their second joint project, “Enjoy,” on July 14, 2023. The music video for the song has broken records for the genre and has grown to become one of the biggest songs in the Bongo music scene.

August 7 saw the premiere of the “Enjoy” music video on Jux’s YouTube channel. In just three months, it has already had over 43 million views, or more than 11 million views each month.

“Enjoy” has broken two records based on the numbers for music videos that were published in 2023. To start with, it’s the Bongo music video with the quickest growth rate ever. Second, it has topped the following list of music videos that have been viewed the most in Bongo history:

  1. Diamond Platnumz – Yatapita – 42M
  2. Diamond Platnumz – Zuwena – 27M
  3. Harmonize – Single Again – 25M
  4. Alikiba – Mahaba – 20M
  5. Zuchu – Honey 20M
  6. Jay Melody – Nitasema 19M
  7. Diamond Platnumz Ft. Koffie Olomide – Achi – 18M
  8. Jay Melody – Sawa – 15M.
  9. Zuchu – Utaniua 15 M

Over 244 million people have seen these top 10 videos, showing support for their favourite musicians.

With four videos to her credit, Diamond Platnumz tops the list of artists with the most. Diamond is followed by Zuchu and Jay Melody, each with two videos.

“Enjoy’s” success is evidence of the growing acceptance of amapiano music in Bongo. South Africa gave birth to the genre, which is known for its lively tempo and appealing tunes.