Why is Christina Shusho trending in Kenya

Why is Christina Shusho trending in Kenya -Christina Shusho, a Tanzanian gospel musician, has become a hot topic of conversation on all social media platforms. Some people have even created memes using her.

This occurs a few days after Christina Shusho declared that she would be giving a performance on December 31, 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya.

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“Due to increasing demands for a concert in Kenya, my team and I are working with @MwalimChurchill to have a concert on December 31, 2023.” Christina Shusho’s statement read

Christina Shusho became a popular topic among Kenyans on X, yet many are still confused about how she became so popular and why there was initially such a huge interest in her.

Shusho, one of the most well-known and popular gospel singers in Tanzania, has actively promoted her new song, “Twasize Byose,” a collaboration with Alarm Ministries, to capitalise on the growing interest in her music and image.

Shusho has been active on her X handle, retweeting and sending her own messages of gratitude to her Kenyan followers in recognition of the affection she has been receiving from them.

Many Kenyans have stated that they hope to attend his concert in large numbers because they believe she will be a wonderful diversion from their anxieties about the harsh realities of the economy.

Online videos have surfaced showing people claiming to be downloading the whole discography of Christina Shusho songs in order to be ready on the 31st; some have even been seen practising her songs with altered notes.

After coming this far, many individuals can’t wait to attend and be honest with their God in a secure setting that serves as more than just the performance they had been looking forward to. Kenyans are making this concert event appear humorous, claiming they can’t wait to go cry on set, in an attempt to divert their attention from the exorbitant expense of living.