Alikiba’s Hit Songs That Made Him a Top Artist in 2023

In Tanzania, Alikiba is among the most well-known Bongo Flava performers. He has nearly ten years of experience in the business and has put out several successful singles. Alikiba put out eight hits that were all successful in 2023.

Alikiba – Mahaba

Alikiba’s first single of the year, “Mahaba,” was released on February 17. The song is a love ballad that has a catchy melody and romantic lyrics. “Mahaba” quickly became a hit and was one of the most-played songs on Tanzanian radio and television.

Alikiba – La La La

Alikiba’s record label, Kings Music, released a collaborative single, “La La La,” on March 10. The song features all of the label’s artists, including Alikiba, Harmonize, Rayvanny, and Lava Lava. “La La La” is a dancehall song that has a fun and upbeat vibe.

Alikiba – On Fire

Alikiba released his second solo single of the year, “On Fire,” on May 17. The song is a hip-hop track with a strong beat and energetic lyrics. “On Fire” is another example of Alikiba’s versatility as an artist.

Alikiba – Sumu

Alikiba collaborated with Marioo on the Amapiano song, “Sumu,” which was released on July 14. The song is a catchy and danceable tune that has been a hit with fans of both artists. “Sumu” is considered to be one of the best collaborations of the year.

Alikiba – Mnyama

Alikiba released a song dedicated to his favorite football team, Simba Sports Club, on August 2. The song, “Mnyama,” is a celebration of Simba’s success and is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

Alikiba – Huku

Alikiba and Tommy Flavour released their third collaborative single, “Huku,” on September 6. The song is a smooth and romantic ballad that has been praised for its beautiful melody and lyrics.

Alikiba – Yalaiti

Alikiba collaborated with Sabah Salum on the Taarab song, “Yalaiti,” which was released on December 7. The song is a moving ballad about lost love and is Alikiba’s first collaboration with a female artist since 2016.

Alikiba – Aló

Alikiba closed out the year with the release of “Aló” on December 20. The song is a dancehall track with a catchy melody and danceable beat. “Aló” is sure to be a hit on the dance floor for the rest of the year.

With these eight hits, Alikiba cemented his status as one of the top artists in Tanzania. He is a versatile artist who can appeal to a wide range of fans.