Who is Franklin Barnes? Everything you should know

Who is Franklin Barnes? Everything you should know. The quiet Texas town of Plano was rocked by the events of March 29, 2018, shattering lives and leaving a trail of unanswered questions in their wake. Franklin Barnes III is at the core of the terrible events. His name is now linked to a terrifying shooting spree that left a community in shock and claimed lives.

Plano, Texas-born Franklin Lee Barnes III, age 23, is a murder suspect. He became well-known for being the primary suspect in a shooting spree that occurred in Plano and Arlington and was charged with aggravated murder. The community was left feeling bewildered and grieving as a result of the events.

Franklin Barnes’ profile summary

Full nameFranklin Lee Barnes III
NicknameFranklin Barnes
Date of birth2000
Age23 years old as of 2023
Place of birthTexas, United States
Current residenceCollin County Jail, Texas, United States
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBlack
Relationship statusSingle
Famous forBeing the main suspectin aggravated murder charges

Who is Franklin Barnes?

He is a citizen of the United States and is well-known for being the primary suspect in aggravated murder cases in Arlington and Plano. His birth year is 2000. His early life, school history, parents, and siblings are all left out of the picture. In real life, Franklin Lee Barnes III is his name.

Franklin’s murder and killings

It was claimed that Franklin shot and murdered two individuals in Arlington in March 2018. After that, on March 29, he travelled to Plano and shot four more individuals, killing one. The 25-year-olds Winston Davis and Joshua Daniels were discovered shot to death in a car that was parked outside an apartment block in Arlington.

In addition to the shooting in Arlington, there are also claims that the two victims were robbed. A relative of the victim stated:

When they killed him, they took all his jewellery off him. They took all his rings off his hands and took all his jewellery off. They also took Winston’s shoes off his feet.

Quintarius Young, who was 29 years old at the time, was shot and killed later that same day at the Cross Creek Apartment in Plano. Franklin is said to have targeted Young and his partner in the Plano apartment complex attacks.

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He shot two more victims at random after attacking the first two, for a total of six victims. The victims of Franklin were shot in the face. Additionally, Franklin’s acquaintance with Winston Davis and Joshua Daniels increased the possibility that the Arlington victims were the intended targets.

Arlington’s ongoing investigations

A few hours after the horrific attacks, Franklin was taken into custody in McKinney. The authorities are trying to find a link between Franklin and the two killings that took place in an Arlington apartment building, even though the inquiry is primarily concentrated on the Plano attacks.

Franklin’s mugshot was handed to the victim’s relatives, who claimed to have never seen him before. Nonetheless, Arlington police officials attested that the evidence gathered from their crime scene was comparable to that of the Plano shooting site.

Franklin was there at the scene of the Arlington automobile shootings where two individuals were shot dead, according to evidence gathered from his phone records during the Plano shootings. Arlington police have refrained from filing charges in relation to the Plano attacks as a result.

His detention serves as a continual reminder of the seriousness of the accusations against him because the investigations are still ongoing and there is no anticipated date of release. What accusations is Franklin Barnes up against then? They consist of:

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Aggravated assault from the Plano shooting

Franklin Barnes’ side of the story

Franklin continues to insist on his innocence in the face of all the charges and proof. His telling of the tale paints a different picture and raises the possibility of a darker, more intricate tale. Franklin said in his narration that he was driving from Arlington with his girlfriend.

Who was the girlfriend of Franklin? He hasn’t said who his girlfriend is. On the other hand, he claimed that at about 7:00 am, the two stopped briefly en route to pick up a narcotic. He further mentioned that while travelling to Plano, the two smoked in the car.

He then bought additional from Quintarius Young, a friend. He went back to his McKinney house after spending some time with his girlfriend after purchasing the hallucinogenic medication. He dozed off and didn’t wake up until Thursday morning when cops arrived at his house.

Plano police were called to a shooting spree that left Young dead and three other individuals injured at around 9:30 in the morning. He acknowledged being there at the site of both crimes, but he insists he was not the one pulling the trigger. The man said:

Franklin Barnes now

The public continues to wonder, “Where is Franklin Barnes now?” as the legal process develops and the scope of the investigations increases. Franklin is still detained at the Collin County Jail as of 2023.

His future is in jeopardy because a $1.25 million bail has been imposed. Change Organisation started a petition in March 2023 to provide Franklin a second chance. The petition said Franklin was wrongfully convicted and that he was not given the opportunity to present his side of the story or have a trial.

I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance in life. He is now 23 and has spent five years rethinking everything that happened that day. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t define who we are. I ask all of you to join us in the petition.


Franklin Barnes was charged with going on a violent spree in March 2020 from Arlington to Plano, allegedly shooting six people—three of them fatally. His story prompts more inquiries concerning his role and the potential motivation behind that day’s sad occurrences. He is being held at the Collin County Jail as of 2023.