Where is Amirah Watson now? Everything you need to know

Where is Amirah Watson now? Everything you need to know. A father is granted primary custody of his daughter, who is ten years old. As long as the mother returns within 72 hours, she is entitled to visitation privileges. However, once custody was awarded, the father took his daughter to see her mother for the first time.

The little girl was then reported missing, and the 41-year-old mother broke the custody regulations, turning the situation into a police case. The narrative centres on Amirah Watson and her parents, Mansoor Watson and Tynesha Brooks. What is the whole tale, and what is Amirah’s current location?

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Amira Watson was given to her mother Tynesha Brooks by her father on January 31, 2020, with the understanding that she would return on February 2, 2020. Mansoor Watson was unaware at the time that this basic right to visitation would turn into a terrifying experience.

It is said that Tynesha had no intention of giving Amirah back to Watson when she took her. To find his kidnapped daughter, the distraught father collaborated closely with the authorities. Is Amirah Watson’s content on Netflix secure? Is the narrative of Missing: Dead or Alive based on fact?

Amina Watson’s profile summary

Full nameAmirah Watson
Age in 202313
Year of birth2010
EthnicityAfrican descent
Current residenceSouth Carolina
Date of kidnapping2nd February 2020
Date of rescueApril 2020
FatherMansoor Watson
MotherTynesha Brooks
StepmotherSheena Watson

Who is Amirah Watson?

She is the North Carolina-born daughter of Mansoor Watson and Tynesha Brooks, who were allegedly abducted by her mother in 2020 when she was just 10 years old. Even though Amirah’s parents were divorced at the time, Mansoor was the child’s primary carer.

Her mother Tynesha had also been given permission by the court to visit Amirah on occasion. Nevertheless, the judge denied Tynesha’s request to see her daughter once more after she misused her visitation privileges by kidnapping the child for a month.

What happened after Tynesha took Amirah Watson?

Amirah was last seen by her father giving her over to Tynesha in Dillon County, South Carolina, on January 31, 2020, just before she vanished. On February 2, Tynesha was scheduled to return her ten-year-old daughter to Mansoor after spending seventy-two hours with her.

Regretfully, neither did Mansoor’s estranged ex-partner honour their end of the bargain or return his calls. Mansoor decided to travel to Tynesha’s house because he was starting to worry, but when he arrived, he was shocked to see that it was vacant and appeared as though someone had left quickly.

After reporting the occurrence, Amira Watson’s father called 911 right away. The police then made an attempt to find the mother and the missing 10-year-old. Sadly, it failed, and at that point, the authorities obtained an arrest warrant for Brooks on suspicion of kidnapping.

Did they find Tynesha?

Tynesha’s sister Jackie McKee informed the authorities that her sister might have gone to a relative’s Atlanta home while the search went on.

In addition, Jackie supported her sister’s decision to go with their daughter, claiming that Mansoor had physically mistreated Tynesha prior to their split. Mansoor, however, quickly refuted the charge, stating he had never extended his hand to her.

Mansoor even requested that Tynesha return with the ten-year-old by contacting her via the local media. Additionally, he stated that he had no plans to file charges or keep Tynesha out of Amirah’s life.

After more than a month of searching, the authorities eventually learned that Tynesha and her daughter were staying at a relative’s home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Amirah Watson—was she found? As soon as the police approached the property, Amirah was discovered to be safe and was saved. Tynesha, on the other hand, was brought to Dillon County to answer for her alleged arrest.

Where is Amira Watson now?

The true crime docuseries Missing: Dead or Alive, which is based on actual accounts of missing children, debuted in May 2023. It is discovered at the conclusion of Amira Watson’s missing person’s case that Amira was saved and given back to her father, Mansoor, who was her primary caretaker.

Ever since, the Watson family has chosen to live a secluded life away from the public eye. Is Amirah Watson still living? Certainly. Mansoor reportedly got married again, and Amirah has an exceptionally close relationship with her stepmother Shena Watson. At the moment, the family resides in South Carolina.


Amirah Watson was one of the several children abducted and unjustly kept by a single father in 2020. Following the release of Netflix’s Missing: Dead or Alive docuseries, this tale reappeared in 2023. She was saved alive, and based on the investigative docuseries, she is now safely residing in South Carolina with her father and stepmother.