Tazama Diamond Platnumz na Zuchu wakutana na Zari na mumewe Shakib

Tazama Diamond Platnumz na Zuchu wakutana na Zari na mumewe Shakib -Unexpectedly, on Sunday, November 26, 2023, Tanzanian music icons Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu met with Zari Hassan, their ex-lover, and her businessman spouse Shakib Khan.

Diamond and Zuchu are seen kissing and cuddling Zari and Shakib in the pictures. Additionally, the group of four posed for pictures.

The meeting indicates that Diamond and Zari’s relationship is beginning to warm up. After dating for a number of years, the two ended their romance in 2018. In addition to being Diamond’s protégé, Zuchu is the daughter of Ivan Semwanga, a businessman from Tanzania who was Zari’s former husband.

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Supporters are thrilled by the encounter and are holding out hope that Diamond and Zari will make up. It’s not apparent, though, if that is the case.

Diamond stated in a media statement that the gathering provided the four of them with an opportunity to put their differences aside and join together. He expressed his happiness at their ability to remain friends.

Zari expressed her happiness at their meeting as well. She expressed her happiness at seeing Diamond and Zuchu every time.

What is ahead for Diamond, Zari, and Zuchu is yet unknown. Still, the meeting is a step in the right direction for all parties.